option to sell monsters and a few ideas for the game

The option to sell monsters, for gold would be a good feature, i like having my inventory of monsters tidy and its a shame releasing rare / ultra rare monsters for nothing in return.

The option to exchange gold for gems and vice versa would also be a nice feature.

A new type of shop, in which you can buy customisable items for your own hero to change appearance, and maybe some for the monsters…both of which could add perks such as 5% extra speed for the team ( hero wearable affects team values ), chance to stun on death ( monster wearable affects individual monster values ) or 5% damage increase.

A monster trading post for online players, similar to the 'share feature where you select monsters to share but this would be monsters to trade, with a browsing system to find a monster you want and a propose offer option on a monster you like.

The trading thing would be too much abused,imagine a person with two devices,restarting the game over and over sending the monster you obtain from the first free egg, or having an account just for ingredients mons,and send everything you need to your principal account,it really would to abused,obviously from me too ahahah. But the selling option could be nice

Trading would be the greatest addition they could make in this game. It could raise the fanbase of the game massively.

I think there are enough possibilties to avoid cheating.

It maybe a little tricky with the + system. I have 3 +1 legends would I have to trade the +1 monster or trade and simply have my original monster with +0?

I gave up on the 47th floor It is impossible for me, it’s just a waste of time and lost ticket.

I was in 1500 in the rank. Now I in 2100, gg for me.

It is very unfair that after so much effort I will not get anything

You will get one eventually. You still get gems.

Last event like this I couldn’t get past 46, now I’m on level 64. Keep working on your teams, pop into the build my team forum, and you can get really good advice. That’s what I did.

No doubt, trading would be an amazing feature, but unfortunately it probably would be abused. They would have to implement lots of safeguards e.g. Have to be level 30, only trade with friends that you’ve had for longer than 14 days, costs x gems or x gold to trade for each player… It could be done… It’d be amazing to get one of these event monsters finally.

If anyone’s played borderlands 2, they could trade up to 4 at a time (because some monsters are 4* better than otheres). You could even pvp for a monster, put one each on the line! That’d be far too intense for me though😂 Cool idea, far far far away from happening…
I’d also like to cash in on monsters that I don’t use - epic = 1 gem, super epic = 2 and legendary = 5… Never going to happen… But would be cool! Get rid of my dolphlare +2 for 15 gems any day😂

And trade once per year

That would be a little too much. 1 year is a LONG time. Making people have to have a rank of 45 would be enough.

I think trading could be fine if:

  1. you can trade only same star monsters: legendary for legendary; super epic for super epic; epic for epic.
  2. Rank 45-50 or above
  3. friends for at least 2 weeks

Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

What if trade a +1 monster?

One reason trading is a bad idea, is that it enables some serious abuse. In at least one previous monster collecting game I played, it was possible to clone monsters using trading. The same was true a couple generations ago in pokemen on nintendo ds as I recall.

Theres just an issue that when 2 devices both need to work together and transfer something between, theres often a chance to time or manipulate that for the sake of cloning.

As long as it was monitored when people were abusing the system and the Devs fixed the exploits and banned those who used them, I don’t think the possibly of abuse is a good enough reason not to have trading in a monster collection game. It’s kind of a genre staple…

Just make trading server side.

Trading would be great. But that one guy is right up there. It would be just like us as kids having two game boys and two Pokémon games to get both the first generations