Features I still want

Ok so I just thought I’d share a few things I still think the game could do with:

First of all there’s the 3 sub 4* monsters I believe still need a UE:

  1. Voltiger. We all used this (well at least if you aren’t a whale or weren’t one from day 1) He’s cool and could have a really cool design. I’d personally love a link timecrush or something.
    (Want level 10/10)

  2. Haniwel. He’d probably make for a really cool support. So why not? (Want level 7/10)

  3. Catoedus: he sure looks cool, he’s a temple monster and I see no reason no to give him assassinate (want level 7/10)
    Edit: saphireon is a 2 star with the same moveset. Personally I like him more

4. Hellataur: forgive me for forgetting him but he’s probably as well used as voltiger early game, if not more. Definitely a good shout @Exu (want Level 10/10)

Honourable mention: I don’t really count this because it’s moveset would have to become a clone of a better monster or totally reworked but I love the design of flamogun (want level 6/10)

Ok onto QOL featured I’d love:

  1. A feature myself and everyone wants: Filters in the monsterdex, or some sort of rework. Please! (Want level 10/10)

  2. Show the enemies timer In pvp. I hate the wait for an enemy to run out of time when they’re BMing or disconnected. Please let us see how much time they have left (on a separate timer than our own as that could cause confusion) (Want level 6/10)

  3. Allow us to skip the ultra evolution animation. It’s like, 10 seconds. We can skip the ss animation… (Want level 8/10)

  4. Allow us to replay offline story missions. We can see the story for the second half, but I’d like to see how much I’ve improved, plus that boss fight was so fun! (Want level 9/10)

  5. Give me unlimited gems (Yea this is a long shot). (Want level 11/10)

I know some of these are probably easier than others but we’d all appreciate it @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

For others, please like this to agree. You can obviously say what you want in the comments.


I think Hellataur is the monster that most deserves an UE. He’s the Rick Astley of your team in the offline story,
he’s never gonna let you down :wink:. I was thinking that maybe he could have something like Overdrive + link poison eater in his UE form.

Also would be nice to have some rare drop shinies to be added on the islands so we could grind for them. This aspect of the game has been completely forgotten.

Also I must ask. I remember when @Dev_VKC you said that the goddesses would be just a phase but this “phase” feels like an eternity, and you can just keep making new goddesses so I assume that these types of designs are just going to keep coming?

Also can you tell if there’s going to be any story content coming anymore? When was the last time new story content was released? A year ago?

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How could I forget about our boi hellataur. He’s equal to voltiger

Absolutely. A strong monster, he has a big potential to a 2 star, deserves an UE.

Something like that:

LINK Timebite - Deals big damage if the target has many seconds until its next turn. It heals the user by 50% of the damage dealt.
Accelerate Team
Attack Boost
Assisted Bolt

Stun Immunity
Poison Revenge

You forgot Demihorus, he would be great with an UE, I think

Long time no see man
And I discovered that my whole life was a lie when I read KD’s post referring to you as “she”

Who’s that referring to

I would also love to see voltiger and hellataur get a ue… they r the mvps when u start first… some link moves would definitely make them viable

I want a feature where it shows you how much sec is left before using a specific skill like 400sec nova

I want this so it’s like it tells how much time the mon has survived so its easy to plan further

Thats so dumb.Why would they show that.Just count the timer

They actually show that in Evertale

I want timer I forget quickly

how brainless is that game

get gud

Git Gud

When I try to count it normally feels closer to a full minute

Most survivor or blast chargers have skills that are 100+ TU . so u basically want to kill them by their 4th turn…

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Hmm I guess the update was sooner than I expected. Really hope we can get at least the new monsters and the monsterdex rework next update

Ya but I still can’t believe they actually added triple poison eater

It would almost be cool if it wasn’t for the fact it’s on the shiny version