Ideas for the Game (Week 4)

One thing the game has been doing which I have enjoyed thoroughly is their efforts at revamping old monsters. I really like the concept of the new Chronozero evolution, the mantis legendary, as well as the various monster buffs which they have given. With that said, here are a few revamps which I want to see in the game to further develop this trend:

-Like chronozero, I would love to see more evolutions of units widely accessible to the playerbase. This would include the daily farmable 4 stars, bitterbeast, as well as units catchable in the explore mode. They don’t have to be amazing as a unit, just strong enough to have their own niche in team comps. Such a change would help every unit stay relevant in some way, someone which I would really appreciate as a player.

-To combine the shiny system as well as add more depth to monsters, I think the game would benefit in giving monsters different forms which they can switch from (similar to the concept of phase shift with AS Poseidon). Instead of having an entirely new shiny unit, I feel as if they could incorporate this form within the unit itself. To obtain this new form, the player may need to fully evolve the monster before unlocking this option, which could still require altermids.

-It would also be great to see changes to older, outdated legendaries. I’ve seen discussions on this topic, and I completely agree that these legendaries need a buff in order to maintain even a shred of relevancy. Things like giving shadowyvern and kamiwyvern excessive force would do wonders for their kit, as they would essentially become mini draguluses. That way, players won’t feel bad about pulling these units from the egg machine.


To be fair, we have 4 catchable legendaries (Mantisamurai, Nightrider, Noxar, Chronozeros)
and 14 catchable Superepics (Rosempress, Demontoad, Glitchy, Twighoul, Sunlord, Lunalord, Bitterbeast, Electricheetah, Megamummat, Thorhoof and the 4 starters). And I’m sure they’ll keep adding more!

I like this idea: even if, functionally, it’d work the exact same way as it does now, the original monster would play some part in the process.

I’ve never been a big fan of Shiny monsters: creating a whole new monster, instead of fixing the one which already exists, and giving you EVEN LESS reasons to use the original monster! We have so many monsters, present in the game since release, with awesome designs, that are gonna be completely ignored because there are 5 other monsters with the same moveset, because they suck, or both.

I live for the day when Dragaia becomes a good monster :smiling_face_with_tear:


I would LOVE to see a legendary Bitterbeast!

Adding shiny version as an unlockable form of the existing monster is an interesting idea and definitely sounds good from a player’s side. I’m not sure exactly where I stand on it, but it’s definitely something I could see them doing eventually and it opens up designs like, say, they buff an old monster to make it good for a very niche use and also add a shiny form that has a second niche use… meaning what you have is a mildly underwhelming monster but it has two different homes where you might want to use it. As long as it’s not used just to buff old monsters where there’s no point having two forms because one is clearly better than the other (cough Elemphox cough).


cough Aurodragon cough


I think the biggest offender is probably Kamiwyvern tho. The shiny version is so much more relevant as a link fire slot

This is the Spanish translation of what Botan-Douji tells you when you enter her sanctuary for the first time, could you add it to the game?


Welcome to My shrine, human. It is rare to see your race drifting here as this shrine is located at the place between life and death. You want to know more about this shrine? It is very simple. Worship me by tossing your gems into Sanzu river, and you will receive even more in return. Please trust me

Bienvenido a mi santuario, humano. Es raro ver a tu raza a la deriva aquí ya que este santuario está ubicado en el lugar entre la vida y la muerte. ¿Quieres saber más sobre este santuario? Es muy simple. Adórame arrojando tus gemas al río Sanzu, y recibirás aún más a cambio. Por favor confia en mi

Is there only English for this in the game? I.e. If you have the game in Spanish then instead you get English text?

One idea I thought might be cool to introduce is a new event. I don’t remember if I proposed this idea before but had the idea before I quit:

Normal event where you face other players teams, not sure about the buff level yet. The catch is, when you enter the event you have all the current monsters you own available. Once you use a monster it will not be able to be used again for the length of that event. That means you have to use different monsters every battle, and duplicate monsters will also only be 1 time use (starters example, use one and all the other duplicates become unavailable). Once you have used all your monsters you can’t get more points, but should (hopefully) have achieved all the regular rewards. If you lose, it also counts as using the monster so it will be risky to include too many legendaries/myhtics in one team and too few on other teams (too many == easy win == waste, and too few == risky == might lose). There’s also a leaderboard with extra rewards, and 1 point for each win. The teams you meet would be teams what other players used on their #th attempt. If you’re on first place you would meet the 2nd best number of wins teams. Yes, this event favor heavily the paying player, but this can be avoided with tiers. That means beginner players have their own leaderboard and the players with the largest collections will not affect them.

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While I would like to see a new event, I’m not sure if such a format would work. Going through your monster in PvP battles, I see people getting like 10 wins maximum, in addition to the advantage given to payers/longer time players. Such an event would just not be fun for newer players at all. However, some sort of new PvP event would be cool tho.

not PvP, PvE

And these tiers would be separated by how many mythics, legendaries, se’s a player has. Meaning beginners will meet beginners, intermediate would meet intermediate and veterans would meet veterans.

You would also need a way to differentiate wins tho, I think. It’d be difficult for subpar units to best a full team, even if in PvE

Yes, i Have My Game in Spanish but this is in English, this and Divine Visitors and all chapters Online

@Unown I think the newest event “Defence of Othlon” is trying to achieve something like that by making us build two teams and not allowing monsters duplicated. The problem is, people have vastly different sized collections and the way you imagined it would be fun for veterans but not so fun for most other people.

Maybe it could be some kind of hybrid where basically you can use monsters again but you get significantly fewer points for using them and every, say, 10 battles all your monsters get reset to give full points again?

@Victorious77_B.G Good to know. I’ll pass on your translation and hopefully they’ll add it :slight_smile:

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Another option would be a reset timer. After a certain time passes all monsters become available again. This can also be balanced between players, the more monsters you have the longer the reset timer is.

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I’d love to get some randomizer to the team section, so we could make some random team tournament or even find some new strategies that had never come to mind. It’s silly, but it sounds fun.


How about a chat in Neo Monster, where you can talk with friends

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