Feature requests


I thought it would be good to have a thread to request features / enhancements to the game. Here are mine:

Reverse filters
For example, if I was to see all the monsters which are NOT protectors, I could hit the protect filter and then the reverse button and filter OUT protectors.

Keeping the gaps.
If you have monsters in slots 1,2 and 6, when you go back to the team, they are still in slots 1,2 and 6.

Custom filters.
It would be cool to mark monsters, or even assign a colour them and be able to filter them that way.

Charge icons in battle
Since this is one of the only ones left im surprised it’s not in at all. This needs to indicate the number of charges.

A status line
Rather than players to saving their names differently to write messages, it would be nice to have a status / line that shows at the start of battle. I suggested this before and one or two people said it could be abused but it just needs to be monitored and reported just like a bad name would be.

“Add friend” button directly in the battle log.
Would save time making a note of the code and then typing it in.

The ability to write up to 4 letters and have it displayed over your Icon. This would be for clan tags.


Fully agree bro
Those are good features

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I think the only reason this isn’t added yet is charge isn’t simply 1, 2, 3 charges… it’s charged by a certain amount.

However, I hope they’re willing to add that number to the icon. E.g. If normal energy charge gives +50 charge then it should say 50 in the icon. The only problem is it needs to be a clean design to read the small number

In the whale’s treasure I had 10 coins left over last time, it would be nice to be able to save them for the next event

All I want is they released monster wallpaper again :smile:

I would like the color of the monsters with the search for bonuses to the maximum to depend on the element, the purple color does not fit all.

I would also like to turn on or off the bonus effect to be enabled for each monster individually, sometimes I want only one monster to shine but I did the search for bonuses at 3 and I can’t turn off the ones I don’t want

It would be great if once a player vs player game is activated you could give a link or something so that other people can enjoy the game

Make each team slot individual from the others, why should it be disabled in another slot if I need to turn off a secret ability on this team? I think it should work independently with the others

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@LemonSqueezy Thank you for the suggestions.
Those are very good and some of them are already on our to-do list.


Guys can u tell me the best way to lvl up? im still at lvl 22 and my weeks are already at 35

No worries! I’m awaiting your invitation to a job interview :wink:


I’ll end up paying you as well? :rofl:


Bond Quest -

• i would like a drop down list of the monsters in bond quest you can click on to find the monster you are looking for.


• the current BGM is not bad, however as a player who has played the game for a while now it has definitely become stale. i play the game muted because I can’t stand listening to the same tracks over and over again. there have been many people requesting an update to the soundtrack. i would suggest you add a small menu of about 5 -10 different tracks which people can choose from in the options settings.

Monsterdex -

• adding a filter like those in the list view and team building sections would be great.

• there are a few outdated descriptions due to Buffs/Nerfs which could be rewritten

Icons and Achievements

• There are a lot more monsters now so there should probably be more collection icons available.

• some of the rewards for completing certain events a number of times should be reconsidered and improved upon given that some of them would literally take years to complete.

• add some achievement rewards for cumulative PvP, IC and UC top finishes (100/50/10 etc) in the same fashion as completing the other events have rewards for finishing the event ‘X’ number of times. (doesn’t even need to be gems, things like mystical nectars and youth fruits/silver go a long way.)

Training -

• where do i begin? XD
fix the bugs, improve the auto-training.

All PvE non event Missions ( eg protectors of cainsville, story modes etc. ) -

• allow missions to be replayed (without rewards) - this will allow experienced players to help newer players beat the challenges when giving advice about certain areas without having to look up the battles on YouTube to get an idea of what they are facing. also it will allow players to face battles with different setups. Replayability is a great way to stop people losing interest.

Monster design -

•more monsters or more clothes please. XD

Island Challenge -

• ranking rewards (best place for inexperienced and newer players with smaller collections to have a shot of getting a high ranking because the monsters they will use aren’t limited to what they have.)

Duel friend PvP option -

• have a place where instead of having to type in a code for PvP you can simply click a button with your friends ign and have a PvP battle with that friend. (they do the same)

Friend request -

•a way of removing single friend requests

Everything Lemon suggested -

• yes.


There’s still value in knowing the quantity of uses even if the power has variance i guess. I’d keep it simple personally. It can be up to the players to remember what charge move specifically.

A list of background music and battle music to choose from

Direct messages

Return of egg banner artworks @Dev_VKC


You should scrap all of these ideas because Lemon suggested them @Dev_VKC

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Please ignore Gary’s flirting VKC. He can’t help himself

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I’ve got them all noted down, will get to it in the next 1-2 months.

If there are any particular ones you think could be better then let me know!

Zephyrin is the one that annoys me most!

there are others like who just need updated but zephyrin needs almost completely rewritten.

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Btw a neo game logo would be cool @Dev_VKC

Bad idea, they might replace the cute staticsphere icon with boobs

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