Future upgrades.

So first of all I actually want to thank the devs for giving love to the little guys. It’s really cool actually. Thorhoof and demontoad are a few of the coolest, as thunder elem accelerate is niiiceee and demontoad is well, op if you have nova, which I don’t but yea. It’s cool.

So I personally just wanna suggest some of the monsters I’d love to see get some love. Totally up to the devs, and this isn’t a competition to see who can name the most monsters!

Grizzrex (N). Se upgrade
Nightmare (H)(D). Epic upgrade
Remus (M)(F). Epic upgrade
Parasardon (F)(D). Se or epic I guess
Lavacroc (D)(H). Se upgrade
Haniwel (D)(F). Se upgrade
Flamogun (D)(H). Epic or se upgrade
Seasteed (Idk actually I just like him). Epic or se upgrade.
Slagtoise. (D)(H). Epic upgrade
Voltiger. (N)(H)(D). Se upgrade. Priority
Infernowyrm. (D)(H). Se upgrade.
Stegospike (D)(N)(H). Epic or de upgrade.
Goldenhorn. (D)(H). Se upgrade
Lavagant. (D)(H). Epic upgrade. Maybe se
Griffbeak. (N)(H). Epic or se upgrade.
Hellataur. (N+)(H+). Se upgrade. Priority
Rhinobrawl. (N+)(F (for Gary)). Se or epic.

And of course, the legendary destroyer of worlds, Seaspine! (M+++)(F+++). Mythical obvious. Maybe even invent 8* to compensate for the raw power of this beast.

(M). Do it for the memes!
(N) These guys are really nostalgic for many
(D) I think the design would look so cool (Although you guys already do a good job with great designs)
(H) Actually helpful for new players. Probably.
(F) Functional for older players too!

If I’m honest I might even be inspired to start a new game like @Exu if we see a few more. Just for old times sake


Honestly I’d appreciate if @Killerdog could format this mess. It’s hard in a phone.

Man I would love a legendary seaspine.

Spinodemon (I’m picturing a dragon with 3 seaspine heads)

-Summon Quills - summons 3 quills to end of your team
-Poison Strike (confident strike that poisons)
-Quillshot (catapult that can only be used if a quill is at the end of your reinforcements)
-Healing Stepback

Passive: Urchin Entrance - summons 2 quills to the end of your team when monster enters field
Passive: Hold ground

Quill: a token monster

  • AOE
  • Taunt
  • passive: poison skin - if attacked it poisons the attacker
  • passive: spiny skin - if attacked it does 10% damage to the attacker

Have you guys figured out where to catch Archeloth now?:joy:

It’s catchable?

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It was a long time ago.
My point is that making Archeloth catchable again should have far higher priority than any other change.

To be fair I think whales made a meme out of it being uncatchable so I doubt t will change

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Don’t forget about puffoxin @Woodward