Favorite ARK Ability

So it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the forums (life can be so time consuming at times), and i thought i would come back with a rather fun topic, at least in my opinion.

I thought it might be nice to list out our favorite abilities along with what ARK they belong to, 1 entry each please. It might also help newer players have an Idea of what some strong abilities are to either seek them out or have a better way to counter in PVP.

Format like below would be great!

ARK ability: Fued Spear

Number of targets: 1

Description: Deals x damage multiplied by 70% for each enemy ARK with the same element.

TU: 160

ARK it belongs to: Goldenhorn

Location: Egg only for now

Example of Usage: In PvP when an enemy has a fire ARK out I will target everything but it to increase the power of my Fued Spear. It gets pretty rediculous if you can get the enemy to have 2 fire ARK’s out at the same itime.

Downside: Not as powerful if enemy is lacking a matching elemt type.

Good to be back!

I love everything that hits all enemies at once.

Ability : Stasis

Targets : 1

Description : Puts the target to sleep for 375 TUs, and blocks all damage to that enemy for one hit. Sleep/damage block is removed when the target gets hit. Even after the 375 TUs pass, damage will still be blocked for one hit. 

TU : 250

Arks : Ironheart, Kamiwyrm, Cyberwyrm

Location : Future missions (Ironheart/Cyberwyrm), 960,000 diamonds (Kamiwyrm).

Uses :

-Disable an enemy to ruin a strategy, and kill the others while it is disabled.

-Use it in combination with doom so that the enemy dies while asleep. 

Downside : blocks damage to that enemy, and damage ruins the effect.

Ability: scramble
Targets: rest of opponents line-up
Description: scrambled the opponents line-up
TU: 250
Arks: chopperbug, mechadino etc
Uses: EXTREMEMLY useful in pvp, ruins your opponents strategy
Downside: it might scramble the monsters back to the same place, depending on your luck

Loving the stasis ability. Scramble is a pretty nice staple to have in a pvp team, unless you have a very very dedicated strategy.