Favourite ability

Just wondering what everyone’s favourite ability/attack is.

Eg. Life flip, offering etc.

Scapegoat , reinforce , xenowave

No defense(gear wolf)
Scapegoat(shadow stalker)
Stun gift&Haste(raioh)

Reinforce by far.

Scapegoat probably would trump it if I had a shadowstalker, that move is sooo useful. Wish more arks had it.

Rooknight also has Group No Defense.

Stasis… life flip… banish… army attacks… risky heal.

Which arks have stasis? And banish?

And for me I would definitely have to say knock back and scramble are my favorite right now. Totally disrupts a stunners strategy! :slight_smile:

Time bomb and the all classical tackle :smiley:

Anything that’s lethal I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Banish - Vortexor

Statis - Kami, for sure, I believe Cyberwyrm & Ironheart can too…


I love Berserk.

…just kidding.

Scapegoat and Survivor.

Yetigo and Megalorex forever. FOR. EV. ER.

My favorite abilities are knockback and scramble. Both are useful to combat the stego/charc and minespiders. Neither of which I have. I am hoping that a minespider is released as an OM award. I want one and I can’t seem to time eggs.

Crystal - n.n

bvs - pretty sure that it will be. and yeah, those are nice abilities. But all monsters with those moves are easily crushed :confused:

Haste and Timebomb I guess. One of my favourite strategies on my second save file is to haste Jabbit and let him rain punches with chain fist at super low cooldowns.