Lightning Rod Ark

I have an idea for an ark that would change PvP as it we know it. Most teams I come across use stuns in the very beginning, it’s almost like everyone uses 2/3 same arks in their starting three with the sole intent to stun the opposing team’s stun arks. If this ark was implemented it would prevent the use of stun teams or at least serve as a decent counter if used in the right spot. It would make stunning a support thing, not a full on strategy. Here’s the idea.

It serves as a lightning rod to stuns, so it takes all of the stuns in, whether it is an AoE (flash bomb, stun skin) or a single target stun (shock, electrocute) this ark will take the stun all for itself. If it is an AoE stun the probability of the stun actually hitting should be taken into account as if it was a normal ark and each enemy ark was taking the stun and then the total amount of stun that hit is applied to it. I’m not very creative so idk what the design or name would be. I think this should be an elementless ark (or Earth because stunners are wind) and metal type, also it should be more of a tank so it can stay long enough to take damage. 9-9.5*

Some moves could be:

  1. Stun Rod: (passive) Takes every stun directed at your team.

  2. Move that increases it’s own defense. (It can last longer) 100 TU

  3. Guard (needs to protect your offensive arks) 100 TU

  4. [Insert creative name here]: This move will do a base damage of say, 100-120, and for every 100 TU this ark has been in battle that will increase by 200% (numbers can change i just threw some random ones out) (this move will allow it to be useful later on in battle, hopefully after the stunners are killed) 200 TU

  5. Autostasis: Puts self to sleep for 300 TU (the cost of the move is only 250 TU) but prevents one damaging attack. (Helps to keep him alive longer in battle so he is able to do some real damage) 250 TU

Edit: opposed to #2 being a move that increases it could be a weak chain move

His stats will be similar to Subzeratops, with slightly more focus on defense and less on his attack.

He will be weak to metal slash, and a very strategic monster who, if he is going to be powerful at all needs to be used correctly and in the right situation since he is a tank who’s power is in direct correlation to the amount of time he has been in power, so as he takes all damage by using guard he has to make sure he stays alive so he can do more than just taking away a sacrificial move’s effects, a death revenge effect or a side effect of a weak attack. Since Autostasis, guard and the defensive increase move added together equal 450 TU it’s a perfect use for guard (which lasts 500 TU), even if the Autostasis persists through 300 TU due to the ark not getting attacked.

I know this ark is not a perfect balance, if you have any suggestions to improve it’s PvP balance please share them. Whether it is a change to his stats, move pool or you create something entirely different off of the idea of a lightning rod for stuns I’d love to hear it!

I like it.

Thanks Tib, any suggestions on it?

It’s basically like a Cruiserfish that can null stun teams and protect itself two different ways. Just a tad bit overpowered. Get rid of one ability and replace it with something boring like Rend, a Chain move, or whatever.

I think the defense increasing move should be deleted

Good call. Replace it with a weaker chain move and it’d be nice.

I like it too

Perhaps give it 3 evolutions the last one having beast defender stats and give it a move the opisite of no guard like full guard that lowers attack to 0 and raises defense and special defense by its magic and normal attack stats. You like

Which element is this ark? It’s good in my book.

Cool idea @smashdragon!

I was thinking it could be other or earth since most arks that stun are air and air is weak to Earth @hunteredik

I do like this idea!!! I myself start my PvP team with stunners and I know a lot of people use them for the charcalynx combo but I use it simply for attack. I usually start off with raioh, chopperbug and gremknight. Most players in PvP will use a move that will attack all and gremknight would stay alive after the attack but as chopper bug and raioh die the enemies stay stunned and that’s when my gear wolf and omegawyrm come in but before using them I use time strike on the strongest ark and since they’ve been stunned it does pretty heavy damage so I think it may just be me but they idea sounds cool but it makes even more vulnerable to time strike whether being earth or other.

I like this idea too!

I’d been thinking of something similar with a true “guardian” move that didn’t just block single ark attacks, but actually took all the damage from multiple-ark attacks (AoE, chain, etc).