Top 5 Arks

Just wondering what everyone’s top 5 arks are.

By this I mean top 5 arks available. Then top 5 OM/Eggs only arks, only if you have them.

Shadowstalker kamiwyrm minespider mosgolem omega

Top 5 in game:





Don Penguini

Close runner ups would be magma and typhon wyrms

As far as adding in OM’s and eggs, I don’t have many of each but from what I have seen probably will look like this:

Kamiwyrm (best in game currently)





Note: Stego and Charca have this really nasty unbeatable combo they do, which I’m sure will get fixed in the update.

Of course this is my opinions.

Just noticed you said “if you have them” in that case my second list will only consist of Goldenhorn and peghoof (haven’t evolved him yet lol)

For me:

  1. Arkwing
  2. Gear wolf
  3. Puffixin
  4. Omega
  5. Angelon

I don’t have those amazing arks such shadow stalker, blood claw, vege tiger, mine spider, destructor, mosgolem…etc.

Btw, stego&char is very beatable if the user of it is just a mindless hacker or something. Not to mention scramble, just set a few revenge&stun traps will do. Provided the stego&char abusers usually have little or no strategy plus they use a lot of stun arks in order to support stego&char, once the order is broken they will mostly go raging quit, which is very much fine to watch lol

My top 5.

In game:

  1. Omegawyrm
  2. Arkwing
  3. Neckodrake
  4. Luxknight
  5. Angelon


  1. Astroleon
  2. Goldenhorn
  3. Shadowkit
  4. Gearhound

Updated. Just got an A grade Astroleon :slight_smile:

  1. Omegawyrm
  2. Shadowstalker
  3. Arkwing
  4. Vegitiger
  5. Gearwolf

I dont have destructor or kamiwyrm but im sure they would be in there

For OM i just use 2 omegawyrms, gearwolf, arkwing, and angelon

yay u got it too!! gratz nickie…

for pvp definitely those 5 for now.

for pve frillz frillz frillz frillz frillz :slight_smile:

  1. Yetigo

  2. Bluechick

  3. Plasmo

  4. Rockoid

  5. Dynabird

Yeah the worst five~

They have the most tolerance and the best self-esteem. They have to deal with all of these insults every day. :frowning:

Anyways, currently…

  1. Shadowstalker

  2. Minespider

  3. Omegawyrm

  4. Don Penguini

  5. Chopperbug

In the future…

  1. Cryowyrm

  2. Kamiwyrm

  3. Octoneer

  4. Gigarock

  5. Cyberwyrm

Only in-game

  1. Don Penguini

  2. Chopperbug

  3. Halopard 

  4. Angelon

  5. Raioh

"1. Cryowyrm

2. Kamiwyrm

3. Octoneer

4. Gigarock

5. Cyberwyrm"


This is quite debatable :). I honestly don’t think I could make a top 5 with the unreleased ones, a lot of them seem tied. 

Top 5 collectable Arks?





Vegitiger (PVP reward)

Don and Angelon are very good too.

OM excluded.

True enough. Personally, I’d make Triphoon number one cuz…you know,bgliawgewhgaliwugbelwigawielugblewbf. Freakin amazing. And I love it~

But you have to agree that those are up there :stuck_out_tongue:

wt about biteschool :(, no ark have been insulted more than them

Biteschool is forever number one.

  1. Breezeling

  2. Breezeling

  3. Breezeling

  4. Breezekite

  5. Breezehawk


In all seriousness:

  1. Vulcaraptor

  2. Mechadino

  3. Archeonis

  4. Ventowyrm

  5. Duskroc

I probably forgot a few.

I have OM arks but the last time I played with them was before release. AKA my knowledge about OM arks is outdated. Haha.

hey, Biteschool at least gets SOME credit cuz of training spots…