Rare monster counter

How does it work? Does it reset when u enter a town? Which monsters does it work on?

What are you talking about?

Look on post this is ridiculous

Probably the counter for hatchlings and starters.

And coyote I’m not sure. I assume it might restart when you enter a town. Maybe dead can answer. Also be a little nicer. You were kinda not very good at explaining your question (: make sure to be a little more specific?

Ok sorry and i hope it doesnt restart cause everytime i hit my home button it takes me back to town sorry again

Best find a time when you aren’t that busy. That or just have your device near when your doing something else. So that way your not staring at a bunch of bluechicks or breezelings or plasmos lol. I think I still have breezelings and bluechicks burned into my retinas. However make sure you pay attention. And good luck finding them. I’ll ask around and see if I can get a definite answer while I am online atm.

Edit moments later (lol): so I asked Ashley real quick for you. She said it shouldn’t restart when you go to a town. Unless it bugs out. ( she recalls anyway. Hard to answer this question. ) Anyway. Gl on your hunts (:

Thank you

The counter is reset after you find a hatchling (or whatever it’s counting).

I think.