Evolve Chronox or 1 of the 4 Elementals

Hi all,

Been playing Neo Mo stars for the last month or 2 I guess?
I’ve just got my first Moalith from the event.
My question for you guys that have been playing longer, do I evolve one of the four elementals, Red Kong etc or do I wait until I have another Starskie and do Chronox’s first evolve?

The thunder one is used the most amongst those 4 elementals. Chrono is nice but to get all Ingredients for it you need more time I guess… So go for the thunder one and pair it with other stunners so you easily charge his bloodcrave

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Hey, welcome to the game! I recommend you go read KD's New Players Guide. Near the end of the second post you’ll see details regarding these monsters

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Thanks for the reply guys :slight_smile:
I’ll go check the guide out, many thanks


Welcome to the game.

You can get the 4 starters to +9 using epic potions as long as you dont ultra evolve them before.

You can chronox to +9 using SE potions (instead of legends potions) as long as you dont ultra evolve him first

Once you get them to their final forms they require the higher potions to evolve. Its worth the wait.

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If you really want to use them but aren’t in a position to accumulate potions quickly, then I guess you can go ahead and do a few of them. Then once you’ve gathered potions you can simply get them again and delete the non bonused one. Just in case you don’t want to wait I guess.

Maybe Thunder dude first