Is chronox worth the grind

I recently got chronox, and I know I am going to have to to grind a lot for it, is it worth it? Or should I just focus on other monsters

Yes it’s a good legendary if your new unfortunately its slow

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What do you mean by slow, that it will take a long time to grind?

I mean his move have high TU (160 faststrike) and faststrike is kinda the only way to charge bloodthirst (timestrike all is pretty hard to pull off)

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Thanks for the information

He’ll be handy during buffed events with bloodthirst. Hes worth getting, but don’t stress about it too early on

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Not worth, we got double bloodthirst mons already

That’s assuming this isn’t a new player and they have them. For a beginner, Chronozeros is decent

I am only rank 35 and I am in the invasion part is that considered a new player. Episode 4

Do evolve chronox to legend only if no others monster need moalith to unlock secret skill, and build super epic lightning, water, and earth starter.

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@Alejandro_Pellicer if you do invest time into it DO NOT evolve it until you super epic potion it. It is the only legend that can max boost out on super epic potions. You do not want to spend legend potions on it


How do you get super epic potions

maily from events in online place but yeah dont evolve it to final form before giving him 9 super epic potions or you’ll regret later.The thing is there is super epic potions for 5* mons and legend potions for 6* mons but chronozeros is technically a 5* before last form so you can give him super epic potions instead of legend potions and 1 legend pot=50 super epic pots.