Dear developers, I would like to know exactly, what damage does a rockoid do, if it is under the effect of ESTEROCKOID of the monster THE ROCKOID ??. His ability says that he increases his damage and defense by 5000%, that would mean that if the maximum rockoid damage is 810, his 5000% would be 40500, damage that far exceeds that of all Neo monsters. Is that really the damage you get under that effect? If so, those rockoids would be unstoppable, because just ATTACKING ALL would eliminate everyone.

It’s a 5000% boost to his stats which indirectly increases the damage it deals. So if something has 800 attack stat, the attack stat would then be 40000, however, the damage its attacks deal is not multiplied by the bonus given to its stat. This probably isn’t the best explanation. @Killerdog could give a much better one.

Estoy de acuerdo en que ese no es el daño que realiza el Rockoid bajo ese efecto. Pero la Matemática no se equivoca. Incluso quitándole del daño, la armadura de un Mítico enemigo, el daño estaría muy alto. Mataría a cualquiera

El what?

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+5000% attack means damage * 51.

The Rockoids created from passives such as “twin summon entrance” have low stats. 51x damage is something like 3000-4000. It is very powerful! For any Rockoids you add in your team like Diamonoid or Sherloid the damage goes VERY HIGH.

Defence is capped so 51x defence is not a problem. Monsters still do damage to buffed Rockoids and their low health means they can be killed quite easily.


Supongamos que en el equipo agrego un Rockoid normal, está en bono +9. Su daño es de 810, entonces es como tu dices, su daño es muy alto, porq aumenta en 5000%. Gracias por la explicación de los Rockoid por convocación. No sabía esa parte

Are we just going to ignore the fact that this forum is English only? @Killerdog

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He revisado el daño de un Rockoid invocado con la habilidad “Convocar Muchedumbre” y su daño es 270. Si calculamos el 5000% de 270 es equivaldría a 13 770. Sigue siendo muy alto, y yo he escuchado acerca de Rockoids bajo ese efecto que no han echo ese daño. Entonces, la pregunta es: Debería sorprenderme por el gran aumento del daño o decir que ese % está mal escrito? Por ejemplo, el súper épico Steamhawk, su habilidad pasiva confunde. Dice que agrega a TÚ refuerzo un Bronzehell, pero en realidad es para el oponente

I’m sorry, but it shouldn’t bother you because that’s what the page is set up for in order to translate. But if they insist, I can write in English. I don’t bother

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He let one pass on purpose, don’t make him a slave to the system haha!

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With summoned Rockoids it is complicated because they come with half stats. The damage calculation is not well made for half stats. The +5000% damage is a HUGE boost, but it has been made to give summoned Rockoids enough damage to nearly one-shot and other Rocks higher damage. I think it is most important to focus on the damage the Rocks deal than the % boost.

As for Steamhawk… I think that is bad Spanish translation, it should say it adds a Bronzeshell next in line to the enemy team.

@squinty1880 Yes this forum is English only. The original post is in English, which is mainly what I was replying to. @Jese_BlackFire Please write in English on this forum where possible. Translators do a good enough job for most things!

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Thanks for the explanation. Now a question arose, If a Rockoid of your team is driven by the ability of Canishogun (Underdog) and then is driven by Esterockoide, will both effects accumulate?

Most of the time , effects don’t accumulate

New effects override old effects. For example, when a monster is accelerated then hit by Dolphreeze’s blizzard it removes the accelerate and puts +10% slow.

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But that is in the case of a negative effect influencing a positive one. But these effects are both positive. The 2 effects grant damage. Then, I ask again: Will they accumulate?

No they don’t accumulate. A better example is vile rage / enrage teammate / protect focus. Whichever you use overrides the previously used buff. This is obvious on Arboribratus.

Each monster can only have one stats change and one acceleration/deceleration.

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Ok thanks, these are things I’m learning even with my current level

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Ready. Is much damage

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