Why won’t any of you come back and check on esperclub? It can’t be harder than looking at HI forums…none of you can use fifteen minutes at most to just help out?

I didn’t play Geomon. Not everyone here did. But I will say… that theme needs to improve. The colors are not ideal.

Well, I try to, but sometimes I just need a little breather, which is why I don’t spend every day in HI chat either. I alternate between EC forums and HI chat.

Not to say y’all are overwhelming. I enjoy spending time in both places. But usually I need to multitask or else I won’t be able to get on at all. ^^;

Well, I understand that and all. My point is that almost no people go on and stuff…like, I see blix, sly, jeanette, jemni, and all you other wonderful people on here ALL the time, but I don’t understand how that is harder than just going on esperclub and clicking the refresh button…

Maybe its time to move on?

Not to sound like I’m being harsh or anything and I understand that Geomon had a MASSIVE following, but when something fall apart, the community usually falls with it.

The time for the game has passed

Just a thought

Or we target, subdue and swarm over a new game like locust lol


Yes but how many of the old gemon players actually followed?

It’d be one thing if the majority of the community were moved to here but that seems to be few that have come and only the ones that really like games.

As far as I can tell, what we have here are a mix of new, old DIB players and a small Geomon group that were massive fans of said game.

And also, i would also like to point out that the majority of you Geomon players that are here are close, if not reasonably good acquaintances.

Eh tbh not many of us have come over, but the ones that have are some of the biggest personalities from there. Put us together and we appear ‘bigger’ than we actually are haha.

As for knowing each other, that’s mostly due to a handful of us attempting to stick together. All we needed was another game to play and Hunter Island was perfect for most of us.

I’m personally letting Geomon ‘go’. I had my fun, great times…moderator powers :P, but it’s great to reminisce and I think that’s what everyone wants to hold on to; the memories and community spirit.

You know who HAS let it go?  The old developers.    It’s kinda funny.  The people who want to resurrect Geomon did not play it as long as some others like myself.  Actually, there was a mass exodus from the game of older players who played from version 0.01. When the battle style switched around and hackers started cloning the best Espers, it stopped being fun for many of them.  They left and a new crowd joined and fell in love with the game.  


I remembered talking about that. For some reason, I was sure I joined after that happened, but I swore I saw an old player who “quit.” (player: technolizard)

So I STILL don’t remember when I joined Geomon. Argh! Well, I had it when it actually worked on my Gen. 3 iPod. <_<

As for the Geomon-letting-go-thingy-thing, I don’t go all crazy over it any more unless I remember something I really miss. Geomon was a BIG stress-reliever for me, so sometimes I come home and remember I would be playing Geomon then. To relieve stress now, I just write, read, draw, or go on these forums (and play the actual HI game ;>) and even though it helps me, it’s just not the same. Ya know? So I can’t really forget Geomon even if I tried. LOL. 

Jemnidad makes a point, though I really don’t want to… resurrect it. Let’s just face it, guys, no app will be like Geomon. Ever. Geomon was a one-time thing - and it was awesomely awesome. We can make sequels and fangames etc etc but it will never, ever, ever replace the original. 

Aquamon - I believe this is a game of itself. It’s aquamon, not a Geomon sequel. It’s aquamon, not a geomon-fan-game. And yes, it has Geomon elements (like espers in the storyline) but that’s only to please fans. I’m definitely not going to make Aquamon’s storyline follow Geomon’s storyline. Why? Because I don’t want Aquamon to be viewed as a sequel. I want Aquamon to be viewed as its own. If it were a fan game, we’d be focusing on espers - but we’re not. We’re focusing on Aquaria, on Aquamon’s own characters, etc.

Granted, if it has espers in it, it must be a little related to Geomon, but my point is Aquamon is not Geomon and it will never be. If that’s a good or a bad thing, I’ll leave it up to you Storm.

Off-topic: I really enjoy working with Aquamon. It’s fun.

I’m of the opinion that, while Hunter Island won’t be the same as Geomon, it can certainly be better :). That is, after enough updates improve it. We’re just getting started.

Yeah, HI is just in its infancy.  I hope the best for it, and we’ll see how many of us are still playing it in two years time.  

My longest running game btw is Pocket Frogs which I think I have been playing for three years.  something obsessive about me keeps trying to get all the thousands of possible color and pattern combinations through breeding.  

We’ll see about “better.” 

You just can’t have the mindset that nothing can possibly be better. Anything can be better. Geomon didn’t have any features that can’t be coded into other games.

The only way you could possibly make a valid argument that nothing would be better is if the sole thing that made Geomon what so great was the community. Maybe the chances of finding the exact combination of people that made it what it was is so low that it will probably not happen again.

Though, of course, it seems like a lot of those people are still together and are now on this forum. So I don’t think that’s the argument…

What else would prevent Hunter Island from being better? 

Idk, the features of Geomon would be very hard to top in Hunter Island. If you implemented seasons cycles, night/day cycles, in-game chat and trading…then we’ll talk about HI being better :stuck_out_tongue:

I can program those things myself, with only a little "iffy"ness in the trading and multiplayer stuff. I’m a little newbie in that area at the moment, but getting there! And I guess that was the majority of what you listed there.

But clearly, these developers have multiplayer covered. They’re very capable people.

And by the way, I should note, that trading would probably ruin the game more than make it better. That is, unless we put in a system such as wonder trading.

I don’t know why we’re arguing and derailing what Storm’s intent was.  There are projects going on in the Esperclub forum that have little to do with Geomon, or whether or not HI will be better than Geomon. Several side projects sprung out of the community of people over there.  That’s all.

Our community still stands tough! And we always follow each other to another game so were tight and impossible to break. Thats why other games are so fun because we play with people who understand us.

As for who will be better HI or Geomon?

Geomon is and will always be better than HI in my eyes, thats just my opinion. Because I lost all my precious alphas :(:(:(.

I remember when I got my first alpha ever and I was like where are the others! I miss that in this game. There are rares but yeah the rewards for the Online Mission isn’t enough for me… I need something special something like my alphas but thats history now.

I’m arguing because I’m very optimistic for Hunter Island’s future and I don’t like pessimists who say: well this can NEVER compete with the game we loved! Sure it can. Let’s be more supportive of Hunter Island.