Guess I should introduce myself, kinda creepy hanging around a forum without saying SOMETHING.
Anyone that played Geomon will know me quite well…as the ‘easy-going’ chat moderator…hopefully haha
For those of you who don’t know me: I’m Sly, nice to meet you :stuck_out_tongue:

Common greetings include: ‘Yo’, 'Whats up peoples (insert emiticon here)'
Likes: Chatting, Music, Photoshop
Dislikes: Arrogance
Hobbies: Music Remixing, Forum Signatures, Daydreaming

I’m pretty much a social hippie: enjoy a laugh with others and treat everyone like an ‘equal’, regardless of their ‘status’ within a community I.e If you’re ‘top dog’ then good for you but I’m not going to worship you like an almighty power

Forgot to add: I’m an Aussie

Welcome to the forums. Hope you will enjoy your stay!

Haha, hi, welcome to the forums. If you want to keep your sanity keep off the off topic section :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, the insanity is the best part

Welcome! Please enjoy your stay!


Funny, I thought *I* was the ‘easy going’ chat moderator.   LOL.  

You need to bring your favorite esper pic over for your profile.  :D

The off topic section sounds like ye olde ‘Global Chat’…which I thoroughly enjoyed :stuck_out_tongue: + I enjoy insanity, life is boring without it haha

Global chat?! That pit of… of… Globalness?!

Welcome to the forums, Sly! 

Perhaps lol but we did moderate on almost completely different times…the ‘Night Shift’ was a very interesting time-slot haha

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I played geomon for about since cancer was discovered…
Generally avoided chat, global and trade were a bit… Hectic
Nice to see you here!:slight_smile:

I still hate the fact I got into geomon a week before yahoo screwed it…

You missed out, A LOT.

…you also missed out, A LOT lol

yay, welcome to this forum (and please get into chat here too^^)

aiks…mass influx from geomon??

Live Chat in Geomon was fun sometimes blurrrr tho…lol

Eh, blame Jemni for the influx lol, tbh I didn’t know about this game until he posted about it in the Lead Agents FB Group.
I was very attached to Geomon and whilst DIB is somewhat similar, it JUST doesn’t satisfy me enough to call it a replacement. I’m hoping Hunter Island is the answer haha

Hunter island is a vast improvement from DIB

I wish I had gotten a chance to see Geomon before it was shut down but I promise you won’t be disappointed

So far i have been following Hunter Island since i left Geomon and what i have seen so far is impressive. Wish i got selected for beta but then as long as the game is release soon does not matter. The other game am following is MICROMOM…

DIB is nice except does not have the kind of chat room geomon have.

My hats off to the devs, the screen shots looks fantastic.

Unfortunately, the only chatroom (currently) is on the forums here.

I imagine they may add one eventually but they also want the forums to be active as well. So we’ll see what happens

Yeh unfortunately I haven’t found anything on the forums where I feel like saying something …not into rp which seems to be the trending topic and everything else will be a necro-bump