Elemental Battle

Ok guys so I was discussing with a “friend” about elements in Pokémon and he said that the ( grass ) element is the weakest and I said that there are no weak elements just weak strategies. So, coming back to Neo Monsters…which element do you think the weakest and why? And which element rules and why?.

It comes down to 2 main reasons to choose:

  1. Common and strong monsters that happen to has the same element.
  2. Link strategies.

Overall, as individuals, the lighting element has the biggest collection the strongest monsters out there (at least for pvp), while earth doesnt has alot of great monsters. In fact, the biggest collection of the weakest ones are probally at the earth element.

As for link, i believe water is the strongest, followed by holy/dark. The weakest link strategy (given you have all the limited monsters) is probally lighting which is kinda ironic that they has the best individuals monsters. Some would fire is the weakest, which is close, but i like it better then lighting. As for earth - they arnt very strong but they sync very well on a throw team, gotta give them that.

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“friend” !!!
Are u both those people who are “friends” ??

I pretty much agree with TNB_iSegal. I was going to answer in the same way…

The element with the weakest collection of monsters is Earth. The element with the strongest collection is Holy, by far. Shadow takes second and Storm is third because it has a good number of very strong monsters.

As for link strategy… the weakest is Fire in my opinion. Right now it lacks synergy between the legendaries, but it’s been drastically improving with the release of some good ones and there’s a link fire support monster that’s coming which should change a lot. Storm doesn’t have huge synergy either and has a lack of “link” moves/monsters but the general quality of the monsters makes it good. Earth monsters synergise beautifully (I’d love to make a Tezca sweeping team with auto-protect monsters someday).

The strongest link strategy is Holy in my opinion. Water has some really strong PvP monsters, especially ones that involve powerful “link” moves, but Holy has literally everything to offer… helped by the fact there are lots of Holy monaters (28 compared to 22 Water). Shadow is probably third, having lots of powerful monsters but not as much on offer that works well in PvP. Link Shadow is typically better in PvE.

@Professor_Oak I wrote friends like that cus we actually ain’t friends. More of co-workers. He’s more of a guy who has a point of view and everybody else is wrong if you don’t agree with him.
Back to the topic am still green here so I don’t have much info. But so far both Holy and Dark Mons are impressing me. By default my favourite element is Earth./Leaves but I want to know which element should I concentrate more.

If I were you I wouldn’t focus on a particular element so much. The majority of the time you will pick a monster for its moveset rather than its element. Link strategies are a thing… but only once you have lots of monsters and have enough that require link and make it worth building your team around that.

As a general guide for which monsters are good you should look at the Neo Monsters current tier list thread. That splits it into General (PvE) and PvP. A lot of people focus on PvP so I’ll give you a quick idea of the elements seen in the top tiers of those:
S+ tier = 2 earth, 1 fire, 6 holy, 2 shadow, 3 storm, 2 water
S tier = 1 earth, 1 fire, 2 holy, 5 shadow, 5 storm, 4 water
A+ tier = 3 earth, 4 fire, 3 holy, 4 shadow, 5 storm, 2 water
Total = 6 earth, 6 fire, 11 holy, 11 shadow, 13 storm, 8 water

I hope that backs up what has been written by me and iSegal. Storm has a lot of good quality monsters and Holy stands out as one with very powerful ones.

earth best because throw
that is all

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Fire is the worst. They have Lava, Deo, Shiva, Hellfox, Kattmander and a bunch of trash otherwise

Holy is best followed by dark imo. Then it’s between water or lightning. I’d quite like to see some earth monsters come through which aren’t part of a throw/ rockoid strategy

Dracorosa is a really nice one, a great general sweeper. Geomagnus is brilliant too. Oakthulu is technically a poison monster but offers lots to a team. Those are the three stand-out monsters for me which don’t include rockoids or are a protector. We’ll get there slowly… earth still has the fewest legendaries.

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Agreed those 3 are immense. I’d love a Dracorosa just because toxic killers are quite rare

Am gonna take @NMEGaryOak word he seems like a reliable guy…lol.


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He is basically right though

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