Neo Monsters current tier list (KD's)

Hey there’s it’s actually Killerdog here, not Buckingham anymore! I have officially taken over this tier list thread as Buckingham didn’t have the time to put into it. A slight change from when he ran it is I will be making this a bit more my personal opinion rather than it being the “general consensus” of people on Line chat. My hope is that this will make it a little more impartial, as strange as that sounds. New monsters entering the game are critically analysed by the community and the opinions formed can then create bias for/against these monsters before they’ve been properly tested. By making it a single person ranking the monsters there will be some consistency and if I am way off with certain opinions then it can be pointed out and we adjust the thread as necessary. I will only be listening to other’s opinions if they are with reason, not just bias. So by all means please share your thoughts, I welcome them, but I may stick to my guns a bit more than Buckingham did.

Notes explaining how the tier lists are written and how to read them (READ THIS FIRST)
  • The lists below are not set in stone, they are subject to change whenever any monster is introduced.

  • The ranking of any monster includes a valuation of any combos they are a key part of, to a degree. For example, if a monster creates a very strong combo with other monsters but is useless alone then it will be ranked somewhere in the middle to respect the fact it can be great but only under certain circumstances. This should create a good overall perspective on how “useful and powerful” a monster is.

  • For PvP the valuation of combos will be more than in the general section. The reason is that strong combos in PvP often play a bigger factor in winning the match than in PvE where you often have to face larger teams. Combos rise and fall in strength as new monsters come into the game so the PvP tier list will be more volatile.

  • Each tier list is geared towards slightly different groups in the community in an attempt to make them most useful for the people reading them. People read these lists at different stages in the game and we want them all to gain the info they’re looking for. It’s mainly the SE tier lists which can appear confusing to some readers. To clarify:

    • General mythic/legendary lists = It’s assumed players have a reasonable collection of legendaries but cannot utilise all combos/synergies (they are factored in less - for the reason explained in the above paragraph too)

    • General super epic / epic lists = This is for a combination of both new players and those with a good collection of legendaries. A few monsters are high because they’re great to begin with but will fall out of your favour later as you use specific super epics for specific circumstances. Some niche use SEs are in low tiers but they are still used by top people in certain content (PvE content is very varied, this list does an overall view).

    • PvP mythic/legendary lists = This lists how well the monsters do in top level PvP. Some monsters in low tiers will do well in the lower brackets of PvP but most people are interested in what the top are doing and what’s viable up there.

    • PvP super epic list = Contrary to the other PvP lists, this is also taking into account the lower brackets of PvP. Reason being, in top bracket PvP not many super epics are used and these players will know which specific ones they want for specific teams. Top bracket people will typically only consider using the SEs in tiers S+, S and A+ but the exact positions of these SEs are influenced more by how good they are for newer players in the lower brackets.

  • For the super epic and epic monsters, due to several different monsters having the same moveset (varying by element) they are listed according to the movesets and abilities rather than by name. Certain monsters with unique movesets like blitzdragon are listed by name. A monster listed as [move]/[move] must have both of the moves listed. Same with abilities, if a move and an ability is listed the monster must have both.

  • The order of the monsters within each tier is alphabetical.

Monsters which need adding:
Pupupa/Poisomoth, Prismegasus, Mulasem, Abyssoldier Breaker, Arboribratus, Focalforce, Pupupa/Mistmoth, Lionheart, Abyssoldier Antistan, Abyssoldier Guardian, Deus X, Megalodragon, Don Rilla, Pandamonium, Whitetitan

Monsters which need reviewing:


Note: This general section is for all parts of the game other than PvP. Enemy monsters are typically a bit buffed so monsters which rely on weaker moves are rated lower and monsters which can survive well are rated higher because they tend to help your team more reliably.

Mythic Tier List:

S+: Harleking, Onyxia, Sakuralisk, Voidress

S: Auraleus, Deviladus, Novemdomina, XYZ-999L

A+: Kuraokami

A: Brynhildr, Dragulus, Excaliburdragon, Huskegon

B+: Na’turgoul, Y Ddraig Goch

B: Mistletorment, Nagandia




Legendary Tier List:

Note: In this section anything B or above is a good monster and anything A+ or above you’ll be wanting to include in most PvE teams you create (as long as they fit with the team’s strategy).

S+: Atrahasis, Angelion, Aurodragon, Delugazar, Dusicyon, Geartyrant, Goldtail, Oakthulhu, Revenarchion, Shivadragon, Soulstealer, Stratustrike, Tenebris, Wraithcaptain, Zeuswyrm

S: Blitzdyr, Dracorosa, Maggatsuoh, Magmarinus, Novadrake, Nulltron, Onigeist, Pumpking, Raizen, Shadowhunter, Stormloch, Tortogeist, Triviathan, Tygoron, Utopion

A+: Aegisdragon, Bloomeluga, Bundam, Dolpheonix, Dolphreeze, Doomengine, Drakozord Z, Galliodragon, Gryphking, Heavenswyrm, Jaguardian, Lavaronix, Leogeist, Malwing, Mechaviathan, Polaboss, Prismaryx, Sanctistag, Sobeking, Sweetfeather, Tagosenshi, Tardigrenade, The Penguinator, The Saintfeather, Wraithhost, Zephyrin, Zhulong

A: Ankoudragon, Azrazel, Bazilogon, Bovolcus, Bunkerbeast, Canishogun, Celestrion, Chronotitan, Crimseias, Cryokaizer, Cybereon, Dragaia, Emeraldeus, Geomagnus, Grovodeus, Gyomurai, Lunartic, Oniblade, Sanctallion, The Godfeather, Tricranium, Ultimadragon, Voodoom, Warca

B+: Ashterios, Astrogolem, Atlantyrant, Baublebasher, Celeshine, Cosmodragon, Gloreonix, Hellfox, Infernicorn, Kamishogun, Kattmmander, Megaiasloth, Midasdragon, Mojinator, Nightlord, Nightrider, Noxdragon, Pupupa/Doomoth, Pupupa/Marksmoth, Pupupa/Stormoth, Shurikaizer, Staticsphere, Terragar, Tezcacoatl, Tinkerclaus, Vulcaroth

B: Albakhan, Banedragon, Centaureon, Cyclozar, Deathgazer, Deodragon, Flarevern, Flocculasaurus, Jingledragon, Kaerukenshi, Nebelronix, Pupupa/Dreamoth, Razoray, Regalion, Rexotyrant, Sarcrosphinx, Serapheon, Solblaze, Valzareign

C+: Bahamuzar, Capybaragon, Chromera, Chronozeros, Grizzleguard, Jawshank, Metatherion, Omegasdragon, Prismpaw, Skeleviathan, Terrordragon, Timberlord, Ziberius

C: Azuraidos, Icefang, Kamiwyrm, Motordragon, Polareon, Shadowyrm, Solariel, The Rockoid, Tiamazus

D: Apollorexus, Burnsalot, Emeraldont, Taloknight, Tridrakhan

Super Epic Tier List:

Note: I’m assuming that you have a reasonable set of monsters when getting these, so those which fair well in teams of legendaries are ranked better. Any monsters which are part of a pair (e.g. Komaguard and Inuguard) are ranked assuming you have both, because that’s how they’re meant to be used. Also, these monsters are ordered within each tier as the standard monsters before then the unique monsters in alphabetical order.

S+: Bitterbeast, Blazebones, Blossomight, Captainwhiskers, Dualdragon, Flutterdrake clover, Flutterdrake daffodil, Freezecobra, Galvbane, Scarleguard, Torrentide

S: Ahuizard, Atlanteon, Aviaeronix, Blazerider, Buffbuffalo, Carapasca, Djinzar, Flutterdrake iris, Lordsreign, Phantomaiden, Rosempress, Serazael, Simuronix, Spectrefox, Viridizardon, Volcaiga, Willowyrm, Wolfrozor

A+: Desperate double, Protect teammates/Stun absorb, Team turn, Aeraider, Armadiator, Blitzdragon, Cryogolem, Deathwarg, Demontoad, Diredemon, Don dollguini, Electricheetah, Flutterdrake salvia, Frostrider, Jackalhotep, Komaguard, Nefariodon, Robinator, Thlug Beckie, Thlug Betty, Thlug Billy, Titanomoth

A: Stunning entrance/Heal all, Unwanted friend, 400s Megabomb, Abyssoldier Fokus, Botanic, Chamilizard, Fluffurious, Frozmaw, Gearcroc, Igniscapra, Lagodragon, Lavamane, Leoronix, Nereida, Sanctihoof, Sanguinymph, Searguard, Thlug Bruno

B+: Timestrike/Bloodcrave, Abyssraider, Archaeoceros, Bonetalon, Bullbrazen, Chimeraxus, Elephantom, Elmowraith, Flutterdrake lotus, Flutterdrake rose, Horrorclaw, Inuguard, Nectareon, Saberzor, Volcavenus

B: Sleep/Bloodthirst, Stun Flash, Twinkiller, Abyssoldier Poward, Amalgamon, Balancion, Bundleblazer, Devilborg, Gnashjaw, Heavenshorn, Megamummat, Pontibear, Rexkong, Saberdragon, Shinobidragon, Sunlord, Tezcatlipoca

C+: Cryptblade, Equimaris, Fluffydra, Gaiarymid, Gaiawolf, Guardtotem, Hiberzor, Keeperdragon, Moltenpede, Nighthunter, Reapolantern, Snowhulk, Steamhawk, Thlug Bob, Thlug Bruce, Thorhoof

C: Assisted moves, Poison massacre, Arborgias, Caniswyrm, Captain canine, Frostmoroz, Rattlewyrm, Virabbit

D: Protect focus, Lunalord, Ogremaster

Epic Tier List:

S+: Duplicate/stun revenge, Stun bomb/Summon stunner

S: Give turn/stun bomb, Protect/Stun absorb

A+: Heal all, Last stand/hold ground, One on one

A: Auto protect, Give turn/switch places

B+: Link double poison eater, Twinkiller, 400s Megabomb

B: Throw/bloodcrave, Reckless timestrike

C+: Poison gambit/storm, Timestrike/Hold ground

C: Sacrifice summon

D: Desperate bite/Duplicate, Dreamhunt, Survivor/Risky heal

Other notable monsters (3 stars or lower):



Note: Many monsters become more viable in PvP because, without buffed stats, moves deal high damage and can kill easily. Combat can often come down to who has the turns with their monsters and can take control of the situation before the opponent gets any turns. If someone can be left with the wrong monsters for the situation they will often lose the match. Therefore, combos which can help you take control of the situation are very important and with the right setup you can make a huge number of monsters add great value to your team. What this means for the tier list thread is that many of the monsters in lower tiers (especially legendaries) are actually very good when used well. I’ve tried hard to split the monsters across the tiers to differentiate between them but you’ll find some lower ones that are still very good. Also, if a monster is in a lower PvP tier than General tier that does not necessarily mean it is worse for PvP. It is all relative to the other monsters in each particular setting.

Mythic Tier List:

S+: Harleking, Novemdomina, Sakuralisk

S: Kuraokami

A+: Auraleus, Brynhildr, Na’turgoul, Onyxia, Voidress

A: Huskegon, Mistletorment, Nagandia, Y Ddraig Goch

B+: Dragulus, XYZ-999L

B: Deviladus

C+: Excaliburdragon



Legendary Tier List:

Note: In this section anything B+ or above may be as good as an S+ monster in the right team or in the right situation. Don’t discount those lower tier monsters, but they may be too situational for general use.

S+: Angelion, Bloomeluga, Deathgazer, Delugazar, Dolphreeze, Dracorosa, Dusicyon, Geomagnus, Gyomurai, Jaguardian, Malwing, Oakthulhu, Stratustrike, Prismaryx, Tygoron

S: Baublebasher, Capybaragon, Celeshine, Cyclozar, Heavenswyrm, Kaerukenshi, Maggatsuoh, Magmarinus, Novadrake, Nulltron, Onigeist, Sobeking, Utopion, Valzareign, Zeuswyrm

A+: Albakhan, Ashterios, Bovolcus, Centaureon, Drakozord Z, Flocculasaurus, Gryphking, Infernicorn, Lunartic, Megaiasloth, Pumpking, Raizen, Sanctistag, Sweetfeather, Tagosenshi, Tardigrenade, Tezcacoatl, The Penguinator, The Rockoid, Tricranium, Voodoom, Wraithcaptain

A: Ankoudragon, Atlantyrant, Atrahasis, Aurodragon, Bundam, Bunkerbeast, Canishogun, Celestrion, Chromera, Cybereon, Dolpheonix, Emeraldeus, Flarevern, Goldtail, Grovodeus, Hellfox, Lavaronix, Leogeist, Mechaviathan, Nightlord, Noxdragon, Polaboss, Pupupa/Stormoth, Regalion, Shurikaizer, Tenebris, Terragar, Terrordragon, The Saintfeather, Triviathan, Zephyrin

B+: Aegisdragon, Astrogolem, Azrazel, Bahamuzar, Banedragon, Blitzdyr, Cosmodragon, Cryokaizer, Deodragon, Emeraldont, Gloreonix, Grizzleguard, Icefang, Jawshank, Jingledragon, Kamishogun, Kattmmander, Nebelronix, Omegasdragon, Oniblade, Pupupa/Doomoth, Pupupa/Dreamoth, Razoray, Sanctallion, Sarcrosphinx, Shivadragon, Staticsphere, Timberlord, Tinkerclaus, Tortogeist, Vulcaroth, Wraithhost

B: Apollorexus, Azuraidos, Crimseias, Galliodragon, Geartyrant, Metatherion, Mojinator, Motordragon, Nightrider, Prismpaw, Pupupa/Marksmoth, Revenarchion, Shadowyrm, Skeleviathan, Solblaze, Soulstealer, Taloknight, Zhulong

C+: Chronotitan, Chronozeros, Midasdragon, Serapheon, Shadowhunter, Stormloch, Tiamazus, Ultimadragon, Ziberius

C: Bazilogon, Burnsalot, Kamiwyrm, Polareon, Rexotyrant, Solariel, Tridrakhan, Warca

D: Doomengine, Dragaia, The Godfeather

Super Epic Tier List

Note: I’m assuming that you have a reasonable set of monsters when getting these, so those which fair well in teams of legendaries are ranked better. Any monsters which are part of a pair (e.g. Komaguard and Inuguard) are ranked assuming you have both, because that’s how they’re meant to be used. Also, these monsters are ordered within each tier as the standard monsters before then the unique monsters in alphabetical order.

S+: Aeraider, Ahuizard, Armadiator, Bitterbeast, Buffbuffalo, Captainwhiskers, Dualdragon, Freezecobra, Galvbane, Jackalhotep, Lordsreign, Searguard, Saberzor, Titanomoth, Volcaiga, Willowyrm

S: Atlanteon, Blazebones, Blazerider, Blossomight, Don dollguini, Flutterdrake clover, Flutterdrake iris, Flutterdrake rose, Flutterdrake salvia, Gearcroc, Lavamane, Rexkong, Scarleguard, Serazael, Spectrefox, Volcavenus

A+: Protect teammates/Stun absorb, Team turn, Abyssoldier Fokus, Aviaeronix, Chamilizard, Demontoad, Elephantom, Fluffurious, Frostmoroz, Frostrider, Igniscapra, Keeperdragon, Lagodragon, Leoronix, Nereida, Phantomaiden, Robinator, Thlug Beckie, Thlug Billy, Wolfrozor

A: Abyssoldier Poward, Abyssraider, Archaeoceros, Blitzdragon, Botanic, Flutterdrake lotus, Frozmaw, Nighthunter, Rosempress, Simuronix, Steamhawk, Thlug Betty, Thlug Bruno, Viridizardon

B+: Stun flash, Stunning entrance/Heal all, Timestrike/Bloodcrave, Bonetalon, Chimeraxus, Diredemon, Djinzar, Electricheetah, Fluffydra, Gnashjaw, Heavenshorn, Komaguard, Pontibear, Sanctihoof, Sunlord, Thlug Bob, Thorhoof

B: Assisted moves, Unwanted friend, Balancion, Cryptblade, Deathwarg, Elmowraith, Flutterdrake daffodil, Gaiarymid, Gaiawolf, Guardtotem, Hiberzor, Megamummat, Moltenpede, Nectareon, Saberdragon, Sanguinymph, Tezcatlipoca, Thlug Bruce

C+: Desperate double, Poison massacre, Amalgamon, Bullbrazen, Carapasca, Cryogolem, Equimaris, Horrorclaw, Inuguard, Nefariodon, Shinobidragon, Snowhulk, Torrentide

C: Protect focus, Sleep/Bloodthirst, Twinkiller, Arborgias, Caniswyrm, Captain canine, Devilborg, Rattlewyrm, Virabbit

D: 400s Megabomb, Bundleblazer, Lunalord, Ogremaster, Reapolantern

Other Notable Monsters

Numerous epics (refer to General tier list but with preference for poison and lower on the duplicating and survivor/megabomb monsters)

Mythic monster second forms

This section roughly summarises how much the second form of mythics (evolved but not awakened) compares to their final form. Please refer to the tier lists above for their proper ratings. Almost all mythics are better when awakened so the three sections below are as follows:

  1. Tier 1 - These mythics are perfectly good in 2nd form, roughly similar tier to their awakened form.
  2. Tier 2 - These mythics are viable/reasonable but not like their awakened form (e.g. missing some versatility or power). They are a little lower than the tier of their awakened form.
  3. Tier 3 - These mythics are no good in their second form or are lacking so much compared to the final form that the tier shown is not a proper representation. Some can still work when built around carefully or are good but simply lacking a very powerful component.
Tier 1
  • Dragulus
  • Voidress (PvE)
  • Nagandia
  • Sakuralisk
  • Harleking
  • Focalforce
Tier 2
  • XYZ-999L (PvE - if you’re charging double survivor)
  • Kuraokami
  • Novemdomina
  • Prismegasus
  • Deviladus
Tier 3
  • Mistletorment (fine but overcosted)
  • Na’turgoul (needs building around)
  • Y Ddraig Goch
  • Brynhildr
  • Excaliburdragon (fine but higher attack helps)
  • Onyxia (fatal sting kills super bosses)
  • Auraleus (fine but SS is its main power)
  • Huskegon


I would move gearcroc up to A+. He gets risky heal.


The risky survivors seem awfully low. Risky heal is quite useful for keeping your big ones in play.

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I would add the following to the 3 star list
Stun bombers-
Storm fox
Island doe

1 cost healer-

Hp sharing-

Stunning entrance-

There is also that two star dinosaur with knockback who’s name I forget

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I think you mean Dracomander :wink: he also has assisted wave so he is really good for a beginning trainer

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List has been updated

I’m gonna say the super epic absorbing protectors need to be at the top of the tier as everyone uses them. There’s no legend with both absorb and protect. We could make a poll about it if needed. To see how many people use them compared to not

I think so!

To be honest I see flyther alone often enough to know this is true, let alone the rest of them.

Yeah and he’s just an epic. Anyone who has a super epic protector pretty much uses it

Ive pinned this topic, and deleted the threads on epic/super epic lists. on the legendary list I felt that too much discussions had occured, and just locked it.

List update, stun absorbers have all been moved up (both epic and super epic)

I just would like to ask why bahamuzar is rated so poorly, in my eyes he is damn good, Even on his own, and if u pair him up with any sweeper or give Turner he is outstanding, bY far better then the poison ones and the stunning entrance legendarys but maybe thats only my opinion

It’s precisely because to be really effective he needs other monsters around him. 90% of the time if you use summon swarm without any form of protection or give turn he will be timestriked, compared to monsters like oniblade that require no support whatsoever and can easily go through 4-6 monsters.

It also doesn’t really fit in most teams, stuff like the shocking entrance monsters can be jammed into pretty much any team and still be beneficial to the other monsters, Bahamuzar can heal but aside form that he’s relatively self contained. 

That being said he has fluctuated between the top few tiers simply because of how good a monster he is in terms of stats and moves, so he might go up at some point. 

You don’t like give turn/switch places 2 cost mons like platybeak? I’ve used him a couple times and it works well

I’ve honestly never used it, but if it’s worth mentioning I’ll put it in there.

List updated.

What about Leobolt?

Forgot about him XD. Added/


I would count grizzrex as a good low cost monster for hold ground and stun revenge with a cost of 2.

  • from me