Which element do you think is the best for pvp?

Imo wind >= shadow > light > water > earth > fire, concluded this from the numbers of monsters in my main pvp team.

I would go light-shadow-wind-fire-water-ground…
Light has so many bombs… Ultima, autopoisoner x2, seraph, aegis… Shadow has a lot of good sweepers and tricks… AT isn’t that good anymore, and wind only has AT, zeph, Leo and galvbane… Fire has lava + rexkong and dolph which are very popular lately…but you can’t really rank them, it depends from the team… But light has the best mons imho

Wind? You mean earth?
As far as i know there’s no wind element.

Thunder, light, shadow, earth, water and fire.

I’d go with sleep monsters, bloodthirst, team turn, double desperate, stunning entrance and twin killer.

Yeah I meant thunder not wind xD

I dunno, they’ve been releasing a TON of water types lately, particularly the event 5 stars, and there are 4 mons with assisted wave. Water really is quite viable.

If there was a water team turner then water would probs be the best. Right now though I think it’s either holy or shadow though

Holy n shadow because they have no counter element that is strong against their attacks (they both do high damage to eachother)

Shadow is strong cause it has a TT but holy is strong cause it has a lot of give turners + Sanctilion.

I think all in all adding everything up they are about equal in terms of strength

I would say ground is the less powerful only two legendaries and they’re not great for pvp. No give/team turn with stun immunity. The best earth mons would be mossgoliath, virizardon, gigasect, shivo and gaiakaizer the rest is kind of meh.

three actually. Dragaia and geomagnus aren’t amazing, but I think an arguement can be made for bahamuzar.

forgot him my bad. yeah he’s a powerful thrower.

Yeah, now that I have dolphoenix, I want him even more. You just can never have too much fodder.

Then use rexkong as well, it’ll be useful to have 2 more minions on entrance

Rexkong only gives one monster… Still he is really powerful, even more then dolph imho… Because of throw and his high speed plus stun revenge… He’s in most of my teams with dolph

I use all 3, also aurodragon.
Rexkong is better as a breaker to stop sweeping, as he comes in and gets an instant kill pretty much. Dolphin into bahamuzar is really good though, as it’s pretty difficult to one shot baha aside from timestrike.

I use firequeen to sacrifice summon then blitzdragon comes out then I step back and bring bahamuzar out. That way I have 3 rockoids on the field without needing to summon swarm

Yeah I’ve played against you. I still think having a give turn is more efficient but your way is more stable I feel

My team is scattered with give turners. I think after bahamuzar I have give turner and team turner and I have give turn before firequeen.

Yeah, the problem there is that there won’t always be someone viable on the field to give a turn to…

Mine goes team turner give turn give turn firequeen blitzdragon bahamuzar team turner so ther is always something on the field to give him another go

I mean, like, I faced one guy in pvp, and he had a clioseraph and shivogod. But at one point, the only other stuff he had on the field was a thordragon and a shell, so those two were kind of useless. Packing up on give turners doesn’t leave as much room for actual firepower is what I’m saying.