A few Suggestions!

Hello, so i have been playing non stop for a few weeks now and i have a few ideas which would greatly improve the game. I have run these by other people and Alot of them agree. 

*****First thing: Ocarinas - there needs to be more. especially for higher level players. maybe not adding more guys but the bonuses need to be increased.  

maybe even adding some that could be purchased with gold? (still not too many guys but the bonuses) i have plenty of ideas on these

****Second: EGGS. this is a new egg system that i think would be really nice - it doesn’t eliminate timing eggs but its a new idea to implement, which is -

Each egg on the wheel has Normal and then fever , and then the backgrounds.

make the backgrounds specific to an element, so have fire, earth, air,water, and then a very special-element less/specialized egg

    what i mean by this is lets say I get a Red Normal Egg - this would mean there are fire monsters, and in this egg there will be new fire creatures as well as rare fire guys, along with normal fire guys - which are NOT found in other eggs.

    now the catch is - lets say you get the element less/ specialized egg - these would contain very special element less guys / specialized guys not in other eggs (getting this would be like 1/30 eggs) and in this the odds for a specialized new guy are also low (13 special out of 50) per say, but those guys are super good or something

FTFY: Eggs are specialized with new guys, new opportunities, same old fun

****Third: I personally would like an expansion of challenges like from the main place - maybe get like 30 level 99 water types or something who knows - each with individual challenges for a guy or gold or something

****Fourth:  A new move like Fly Or Dig from pokemon - my idea is this = lets say Omegawyrm uses Rocket (no idea on a name) he goes up in the air for 200units unable to take a hit (unless a special move like pocket sand *lolol* ) - also unable to deal damage and comes down and strikes - NOT for a ONE hit KO maybe leaving like 1 HP left  - and maybe only one guy per team is able to know it i’m not sure but  something like that would be interesting to implement

****Fifth:  It may seem dumb but i would like to be able to message other players on/after PVP battle - in my case i would love to give people tips because i have seen some God awful strategies 

****Sixth: I doubt this would happen, and have it able to spawn ANYWHERE but a selected slot machine looking guy or something and when you kill him you are given fifty gold - with this gold you can keep it or use it on him(one time) and you can lose it, double it, or get a high value (3 dials so it would be hard to time i’m guessing) 

_****Seventh: _a type of prestige for monsters - starting them back from level 1 or something with increased stats to level back up to 99 with even better skills (Not moves, just over all bonuses) and with a limit on how many times being able to prestige.

These are a few ideas i have PLENTY more but this is a lot of reading! i apologize with the grammar and stuff. 





True, but we have forums…


Yes, but make it a very small boost.

Some great ideas here n.n

  1. Definitely more ocarinas! However I don’t think they should be purchasable with gold but if they are they shouldn’t be allowed in missions because then it’s more in paying to be the best, just my thinking on that one, i can definitely see why they should be allowed in missions too, though.
  2. That sounds really cool, i actually really like that idea, maybe during the story the eggs could be type specific according the the region they are in! However, I do think the devs want to remove egg timing, maybe there’s another way this could be implemented.
  3. YESSS, i think it should be 1) get 30 unique C rank arks 2) Get 30 unique B rank arks 3) Get 30 unique A rank arks 4) Get 30 unique S rank arks. 1-3 could give a musical score and 4 could give a new ark just like the other two challenges do for the most difficult.
  4. Not sure how I feel about this one, I like that they can attack at 200 TU later but I don’t like how they are allowed to become untouchable for 200 TU.
  5. This could lead to swearing which would be bad since many children also play this game, I would like to see an in game chat accessible by everyone with moderators and a system that prevents swears… This could be a way to promote the forums as well since a lot of us on here want that.
  6. He would have to be very rare, since the developers do need to make money, and also the slot machine would allow people to become very wealthy off of one kill. Maybe, opposed to a slot machine, it could be a golden ostrich named goldrich (ostrich and gold get it? It also has the rich part of ostrich which fits with gold!) and it could drop a golden egg or gold.
  7. Sounds cool! Maybe instead of bonus on skills a grade rank up, like a grade A level 99 prestiges to grade S Frostkit level 1. But the bonuses to stats could work too as long as there is a cap as to how many times an ark can prestige, hopefully not too high, I don’t want to grind too much xD

I really love these, I’d love to hear your other ideas too!