Fusion arks in egg spins are so hard

I bought 4 gold mission eggs to get horrorfish but none of my spins ever got one. They were not on fever mode but that shouldn’t matter too much how can I get 4 horrorfish for fusion. I already have 3 S rank horrorfish from the mission but can’t get the last one.

Note: this has happened to me previously with gearwolf and only needing one but missing out all together.
They should have all required number of fusion arks to make the main ark maybe just on a higher floor or as a choice instead of a gold egg.

Just really sad :frowning: no hope

Same thing happened to me with gear wolf, I had four and bought like 20 eggs and never got one

i have 2 terrorfish but i dont think it can be useful…

Terrorfish is one of the more useful arks for PvP.

I got lucky and got lucky and got a C ark horror fish in the final egg. Combined with the 3 S ranks from the OM gave me a A ranked terror fish which I don’t currently use. I try to only use S rank in PvP to get the crazy bonus actions. And I mean crazy! I agree that the gold eggs are very bad for non egg timers. I stopped wasting money on them and even stopped doing the infinite dungeon until after the update hoping that the gold eggs improve after the update.

Did you have the 3 from the OM before you did the egg spin? If you did then you should have got an S ranked horror fish.

No, I rushed through to try to be in the top 1%. I got the C in the final egg. Then went back the next day to get the other three.

I had the three from the OM

I have never got anything good from Gold eggs or fever eggs. Which means the only way I can complete the last few fusions is to wait for them to be released in the wild :frowning: with a patch that never seems to come

I am trying to make my online mission team better to complete the mission faster but no luck so far in getting a win in Pool B.

The mission starts at a bad time for me and it seems no matter how quick I get everyone else gets quicker as the previous fusion arks they got make them even stronger.

The end result is I feel I am slipping further away from prizes rather than closing the gap.

I understand there is the first Pool A for the first one which I got Triphoon but one new ark every 10 weeks is not going to help much in the overall scheme and gold mission eggs do not provide anything useful even in fever mode.

Still I hope when the patch finally does come they make gold eggs more useful and increase the odds of something good, because it is very frustrating at the moment

I think there should be a pool C for people who win 3 OM arks in Pool B

Obviously the spins are hard, this game is designed to make as much money as possible and they want you to spend tons of money.

With me, I find it has the opposite effect though, I refuse to spend money on something I have virtually no chance of getting ?

Ok, since you have supported the developers and come out of pocket :slight_smile: here’s what you should do to get the egg only arks. Hit the infinite dungeon as often as you can. After a certain point you will get a gold egg after defeating a boss every 10 floors. Don’t try for one of the rare arks in those eggs, try for the 500 gold (more common than the rare arks). Once you’ve racked up a good amount of gold head to the market, either buy a mission egg (if you need the last om) or reg gold eggs and try to catch fever. It’s best to be patient and rack up as much gold as you can that way odds are in your favor. It doesn’t always land you something great (I went up 500 floors trying to buy om eggs for the last scorp and never pulled one). But you will overall get some good arks for your line up. It comes down to time or money… Hope this helps.

Thanks, I haven’t started the infinite dungeon yet as I was hoping the patch would be out and the eggs would be fixed. I cannot time eggs and thought they might increase the chances of good arks once they cannot be timed.

Therefore the more I saved the better chance of getting something good.

Logically though I don’t know why good stuff is so rare as the timers can still get anything they want, so why not increase it and give everyone a chance

Interestingly enough even though I have got nothing good from eggs at all, I also randomly have spun very little gold, even with fever eggs.

It appears my luck is just abysmal :frowning:

On the brightside though I did manage my first ever pool B win and got the OM ark this time :slight_smile:

It’s never been said that the chances of winning something from eggs will increase once timing is removed.

I know, I just hoped.

At the moment to me the value versus reward is way out of sync at the moment and just not worth the money

It will be :slight_smile:

So much can be imagined by this statement! Haha