Egg odds

Done about 40 packs in total and only got 1 ssr character… great odds, best game ever

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I’ve been saying this since th3 beginning, made several rerolls and got nothing at all…rates are complete trash

The odds of summoning them is 1% so its the same as mythics. Ive done about 14 10 pack summons and got 3.

Did u reroll or paid for forty ?

Just reroll first pack to get one good ssr monster

Which is the best ssr?

Vesh, imran, rizzete, akutsuki, Kirin, finn are all game changers

Vesh is prob the best bet hits the hardest and can carry you in Pvp as it’s a mess right now with power

Vesh is the only one I got. Happy it’s the current best ssr.

One question.
If I ultraevolve my vesh can I use it’s 5 star form to awaken it later?
Or I can ultraevolve only after a monster is fully awaken?

Its not like neo if that’s your question.

No, I wasn’t comparing it to neo

That’s 3 times better than me. It’s incredible to roll 400 monsters and only 1 is ssr character

Took me about 60 to get the first SSR, then 20 before the second one.

To be honest the game gives you so many free gems that I’m fine with the current rates, plus the majority of SSR units are currently standalone monsters that fit easily into teams so you dont need a full team of them to compete at the highest level.

Plus it’s still better rates than neo

60 packs or 60 rolls?

Also The stat difference between ssr and sr is so big that if the enemy has 2 ssr they can just aoe my team to death

Rolls, 6x10. I sadly don’t have a spare £1200 to spend on 60 packs XD

And once you get decent weapons, accessories and level them up, they become a lot tanker.

My fully trained sr with fully evolved ssr weapon has 20k hp. I saw some ssr having a lot more hp than that

Well you’ve only done 6 packs to get 1 ssr. Ive done 40…

Oh you misunderstand, I’ve done 60 rolls in total. 6 of the 10 in one packs. For one SSR.

Technically I’ve done 90 now with 2 SSR but eh.

And yes an SSR will be better, for obvious reasons. But not to the point of non-competitiveness is my point.

Yeah you right, the only small difference is that mitychs are crap until awakening but ssr are already Better than any sr as Unown said. Tbh I prefer to roll featured leg than a random mitych which I wont use until I roll it 3 more times…hey but that’s me

Im only comparing the odds for top tier nothing about the value they both have in their respective game. Im not a fan of mythics at all either. I do realise how lucky ive been considering it took Unown 40 packs to get an SSR which i know is super frustrating. In Evertale though youre gauranteed at the minimum a SR and at the best SSR per pack which is pretty good. The fact that there is such a big difference between SR and SSR justifies the odds really. It is unfortunate that it makes it P2W though. This is exactly why i want to see them give a SSR as a reward in a event. To give players without them a chance to compete.