What to save

So I downloaded Evertale to see what the fuss is about and I’m enjoying it a lot. (won’t give up on Neo though). Is there anything I need to save for later in the game? I don’t know want to acquire items early on and found i’ve wasted them on something. Any thoughts?

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Get loaded on evolution items and gold

Save soul stones and ingredients, wait for a limited pack

Nah learn for the master of the single summon
@akinator master and roll just singles non stop

Have 1000 stones don’t roll a 10 pack just do 10 individual summons


Why is single better? If you do 10 you are guarantied to get at least one SR or SSR.

Single ain’t better akh is just known as always rolling singles no matter what and it’s turned into a joke :joy:

Isn’t bronze shell in this game for @akinator

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I have 3 ssr so far from single