Instead of second wind for SS, what about instant link shield all or instant ally substitute. Both would make more sense for its purpose on the field.

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I like this even though I don’t have him.

Second wind gets dus to 100% for confident strike. It makes complete sense for (one of) its purpose(s) on the field

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Right. But second wind is at the same time a BS move that makea Dusi hellahard to deal with while also giving it offensive power when it doesnt really have any offensive power.

Link shield all would shield all the existing monsters or reshield broken shields. Or instant ally substitute would give it fodder to heal the whole team.

Both of these moves would make it less powerful and more useful.

Second wind makes it cost 16,
Please nope.
I disagree AGAIN :wink::joy:

You, sir, are the worst. If you weren’t my friend I would disown you.

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I think his SS is fine for his move set but ally substitute could be fun

:joy::joy::joy: but seriously brochacho, it’s fine :ghost:

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I love second wind on this monster. It’s a great choice you have… 13-cost and mostly support focused or 16-cost and more damage potential. Dusicyon has so much to offer I don’t think adding extra shields or support moves is a good idea, even if it actually makes her worse overall.


Give it instant slayerbane all :grinning:

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Make that instant link. Link is op

I like Dusicyon just the way she is.

That kitty is my most wanted legend right now and she is great as it is :heart_eyes: all i need is hatch it on rares :sweat_smile: maybe in 2020

Is it not a dog? Or wolf I mean

Fox to be exact

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According to wikipedia, “Falkland Islands wolf” is the type species.

Second wind is fine imo, It keeps dusicyon on the field, which is what it wants.

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I would be pissed off if my dusicyon lost second wind


Haha ok. Stupid suggestion then. Mods close please lol.