Dusci or Atra

Which would be a better decision to go with? Dusci seems good for PVP with his shield thing. Is all of Atra’s value in his necromancy move? Which would be better for me being someone who cares more about dominating PVE?

If you mainly care about PVE then Atra definitely is the best choice for you

I have the same dilemma. I need both and I can’t decide.

If you have Auro, go with Dusi.

I don’t have Auro so I can’t decide.

Atra is better for PvE tho for sure.

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I know as soon as i get something from the shop I’m going to pull it as my next legendary dupe.


No doubt! That has also crossed my mind :joy:

So true.

Goldtail if you don’t already own it.

Then dusicyon for pvp.
Atra for pve.


I have the same problem. I have auro but i can’t decide between altra, dusi or goldtail. Wich should i take in first place?

I can’t decide either :joy: although since I got Harley I’m leaning more towards dusc for the token Canabalize and shields

Goldtail I repeat Goldtail First.


Atra is lovely but I think the big decision is between Goldtail or Dusicyon. Dusicyon is more combo-heavy and leaning towards PvP more while Goldtail is incredible for PvE.

As an owner of both Aurodragon and Atrahasis I’d say you just need one of the two to really do what you want to with them, with Aurodragon shining as the better of the two. Since they’re both in the rare eggs then chances are you’ll pick up one of them more likely than you’ll get Goldtail or Dusicyon. I’d definitely factor that in, even if you might feel you’d prefer Atra right now over the other two.

Isn’t goldtail also available in the rare egg?

They are all available in the rare egg.

Personally i would take dusic above all.

Goldtail can be substited with sharowhunter or loch.

SS + Gear + shadowhunter is enough for pve.

Dusic passive has no alternative.

I got both and Atra is more fun. Duscy better for PvP. I would get Atra.

Yeah I know gold is insane but I’ve wanted dusc for ages for the combos, and atra is just a lot of fun

I already got all the 12 ticket monsters except icefang from previous rare gold hatches. Among them I think duscy is the best especially when combined with a stun reveger like sanctallion(for elemental healing) into atrahasis.

For 12 ticket monsters I am referring to the ones with the discount.
Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Gold sleeplock can’t be replaced by loch or hunter.

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Save for diamonoid

Get good. And it will