Duplicate Point Shop

Could we get some thought on a system where getting duplicates awards us points? Then there could be a shop with ingredients and a set of legendaries (some limited maybe or older limited?) where the points could be spent this doesn’t have to do much and with the most points coming from getting duplicate limited (newer monster duplicates in particular)… This might remove some of the sting? Also the shop wouldn’t have to just contain legendaries, maybe older event SE or some SE… legendary pots etc… Just some food for thought.

Or make a trading system player -> AI for every major festival.

Example: if you were not satisfied with your guaranteed 6th pack hatch you could swap your monster once a year or something.

Easter - 2017: swap stratus for uto or the opposite.

Anniversary- 2017: swap moji for bb or the opposite.


Only one swap can be made a year and can’t be undone.

Or just let us pick whichever monster we want on the 6th. Rolling 6, 12, 18 or even 30 packs and not getting the monster you desire is just mad.

I know the devs care 0% of what i just said but anyways… thoughts?

They actually do care and tend to listen to the community. I don’t think either would in particular be bad options, but it would have to probably be once a year and I would guess it might have to be on a sixth X10 egg or something most likely. I’m not sure how much programming would have to be implemented in regards to either one. They would also have to ensure people cannot exploit these types of systems.

Basically, dupes should be rewarding.

Devs probably are thinking about this(I hope).

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a long way back they mentioned a pity timer that would give people legends if they went a long time without one… Is that still happening vkc?

Yes, but even with a pity time you are likely to get dupped :confused:

Not necessarily. The devs could totally program a legend egg to give you one that you don’t have already.

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But why would they wouldn’t that be bad for buisness

Not necessarily it may increase users likelihood to spend or gamble as they have a safety net if they are unable to get a monster they want or may be more inclined to continue in a festival with two monsters if they already have gotten one at like the 2nd X 10 and continue onto the sixth. It might help or it might not, but it is something to consider. It also guarantees something of choice to the user if they reach X number of points. It really depends upon how they would set it up and what things are worth.