Duplicates, not fair...

I finally got lucky with an egg wheel that lands on a legend, after that it gives me bonus of one legendary monster that i own, a duplicate, I’m so dissapointed, I don’t want less seconds I want a new monster. Thinking to stop playing this game because of that, it ain’t fair…

Yeah it sucks got a +7 legendary warca it sucks less seconds is good but still
Would stop playing but o already spent well over 1000 on this game dint get any legendarys till the last 200 dollars I spent when I picked up 8 legendarys and lots of duplicates and I mean lots

You got lucky with last 200, imagine that you ain’t got those 8 guys, man… 

Yeah it would suck

"more money = more luck "

That’s basically it it’s a pay to win game and not in a good way like coc where you could pay to win but don’t have to it just made it easier I hope the game is just going through beta stages and they need the money to develop into a major gaming company and will turn this game into something epic where us first players will be able to reap the benifits from are loyalty

I’m pretty upset, I spent $50 and all but two of the spins I got were duplicates. And all the duplicates were epic. So much for these festival eggs having higher chances.
I mean why would I spend that much money only to get the same monsters, most I won’t even use. This game is a rip off compared to HI and DI.

yeah, when you got a duplicate is almost like you throw your hard work for gems, or money in a water

Agreed, it does feel like I’m just throwing money away when I get duplicates. Who wants a few seconds off a monster they aren’t even going to use.

Exactly, and if you are playing like me (free) and you save gems from begining to the festival egg for hope you got a legend, and it finay stops after 14 spins on a one legend that you own already… i cant call it bad luck cause you work hard for that gems, i call it dissapointment, you dont feel revarded for your hard work.

I’ve spent 300 pounds , still not happy , have 6 legendaries
Planning to spend another 60 pounds this Sunday.
To be fair this seems unfair for people who don’t pay and also pay.

When you get a duplicate it should give you a free roll

Yeah, I wish there was like a feature where you could sell an epic or above duplicate or normal monster for a certain amount of varying gems. Like if you got a duplicate you could at least sell it for like 3 or 4 gems so your own your way to a new egg spin.

If you got a free roll I would gladly spend more money on the game so I could get all the monsters

What if you get a duplicate of a legendary, you’re not guaranteed to re-roll another legendary, it should allow you the option if you want to keep the duplicate or randomise it for different monster of the same type (epic, super epic or legendary), but i highly doubt they’d do that cause funnily enough, duplicates play an important role as seen by the tower tournament as one of the main prize is a +9 super epic. 

Yaya two duplicates in a row, one for an epic I’ll never use

But who would keep getting free roles until you get new monsters so let’s say you have 25 gems you are guaranteed 5 new monsters

This is getting stupid now I’ve only got 3 legends and now I’ve just got my 3rd duplicate!!

How can I have as many duplicates as legendary when I’ve only got 3!!

Unpopular opinion:  I like the duplicate thing.  I am disappointed when I get a duplicate rather than a new monster but the wheel is a gamble and I don’t think the +1 consolation prize is so bad.  Its somewhat similar to the monster grade system in Hunter Island.  It can give you a small but needed edge.

Yeah i agree, is better than nothing and will be helpfull when thhe pvp is released