Decrease odds for dups

I’ve seen lots of people getting dups Epics, SE and Legends lately, including me… it’s not nice to save gems or spend money to get all dupes… it’s really annoying.

I propose that once you get a legend the probability to get it again decreases… I’m sure many will be happy with this.

Odds don’t look to be balance… not with thus results.

I agree.  I got two dups of shadowhunter back to back

Or maybe make dupes worth something. Something like dupe gems and when u got enough you can spend them for a new role. 

May be good as well but I rather the decreased chance to get the same… getting more gems to roll again may end in nothing. At the end… we need to get something rather the frustration of nothing…

1 dupe = 1 potion of the same rarity, imo. At least for legends.

And instead of dupes, it will be nice to finally hatch octoboss and gearwolf, the only 2 im missing that are noticeable.

I have gear and octo, mind to trade for 2 of your legendaries? :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Dupes have always been the cancer of this game :/ 

if they gave out pots instead of bonus on monsters I never use I wouldn’t mind as much 

True… A potion is better then a +1 on a monster i don’t want to pot

That’s the thing… usually the dups we get are the ones we actully won’t be given a potion ever. We need something better than a +1…

You have all my support… I always said that 

Now is +5

I would still prefer the option to merge or “sell” my dups instead of them being merged automatically.

I’ve always very much agreed with the idea of a duplicate legendary giving a potion rather than adding +1 to that legendary instantly.

However, another way they could make duplicate legendaries very interesting is if they add another mechanic (inspired by Knight’s post in another thread):

Every 10 legendary dupes we get a random draw of three legendaries from which we can pick one. The three will be selected from ANY legendary in the game, with a reduced chance for particular legendaries like The Penguinator (the ones they want to keep super rare).

10 legendary dupes is a lot so if we get a free limited legendary from the selection it shouldn’t be too game-breaking for the current system. You also might just end up with the 3 monsters all being ones you have! After 1 year of playing for free I haven’t even got 10 legendary dupes yet. My thought is just that for those who’ve spent a lot of money and simply get dupes all the time whenever they don’t get a limited monster, it must be incredibly frustrating and this might add some relief.

Dupes aren’t as exciting as as a new legendary. Which is a huge flaw in the system.

Not easy to fix, but there has to be another way other than a “new legendary timer”.

What if we just restricted ocarinos to dupes? Get a dupe, you get an ocarino and +1.

That way getting dupes would be fun.

Why not give us options when we get a dupe
1st get a potion of same rarity (epic/SE/legend)
2nd give us 5gems back ( only on legends)
Same with rare gems
1 potion of same rarity( epic/SE/legend)
2 rare gems back +1 legend potion ( legends only)

You all forgeting that beside excitment and a new potions/ ocrainos that comes with the dupe, there is anothet problem:

Dupe can destroy the TU of the monster / the speed order of your strategy. So you not only get a worthless dupe, it actually hurt you. That why you neef to be able to sell / trade dupes, or choose a potion over it.

Yep totally agree with that. Devs please do not make us suffer for getting dupes.