Hey,where can i find the Blue dragon and the pig, which i can Choose at the beginning?

The blue dragon (bluey) can be found ONE step directly above Agramis.

The pig (snorkling) can be found THREE steps directly above Orlen on the pathway to Agramis.

Hope I helped!


I just found bluey 3 steps above Agramis.

That’s correct; Bluey is not found on the first step above Agramis.

I cant find it.how long does it take until Anordnung Comes?

Typically a few hours or more. They are extremely rare - the rarest.

You have to be lucky, sometimes within 15 minutes and sometimes it can take more then a hour. And they are very rare, like kookaset said.

The fire pig is found on the fourth spot u find spark on the 3rd spot

When you say north is it directly 3/4 steps up, into the woods or is it 3/4 steps along the path, ON the actual path? As obviously the first two are on the path.

whats the drop rate on starters? same as hatchlings?

Yes it is.