Are wyrms catchable aside from eggs?

I can swear i read it somewhere, but i might be wrong, anyone know?

Yes they are but they are incredibly rare. They are found north of Agramis on the pathway. They are on the first four steps and each step spawns a different Wyrm. Good luck!

They dont spawn wyrms,just the pre-evolutions (galey,bluey,leafy,ashie)

Yeah I shoulve worded my post differently. The first forms are catchable in the spots i said.

How do I get an infernowyrm

I managed to get Bluey on my main and Galey on my second, so it’s totally possible. Albeit rare

Infernowyrm is only available in Golden Eggs for now, I believe.

Are they  north or Agramis or are they with the stater hatchlings north of Orlen? I ask because I’ve farmed those spot north of Agramis for hours and not seen the dragons but I’ve gotten the 2 of the starters. Or is it just that the dragons are even more rare?

It really depends on your luck. The dragons are indeed above Agramis, and they are the same spawn rate as the starters.

Are you sur because I’ve been on the 2nd
spot for like 2 hours and only breezlings and bluechicks

Yes he is sure. The hatchlings are the four north steps at Agramis.
Like Kookaset said, you’re got to be lucky.