Dreadwolfs parts

So I’ve had to make a post and I’ve tried searching the forum but I can’t find something when I don’t know the name.

The flame boar… I cannot remember where I’ve seen him/her. I would think the desert spots but we all like direction when we can get it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Had my question answered… Flaming pig is a starter =( sad panda.

Look at starter thread, they all are available from orlen to agramis, each tile to the north contain 1 starter, they have 1/200 spawn rate so cross your fingers trying to grind them!

The recipe for Dreadwolf is the water starter and the fire starter in their last forms. Post above me explained how to find them, but I’m gonna go ahead and be more specific.

The water starter is ONE STEP directly above Orlen. It’s literally one step north. Don’t go 2 steps or you won’t find it at all.

The fire starter, if I’m not mistaken, Is THREE STEPS above Orlen. That means, in the spot to find the water starter, go TWO steps up.

Their spawn rates are incredibly rare so I wish you luck!

No  ya, already updated my main post, but thanks zoroark. Realized it was as starter i was missing and was like O NOOOOO!!! :o

I got brakie one step north from orlen lol