Dolphoone's death revenge

This death sentence passive shouldn’t exist. It basically punishes you for having control over a match. I’m really salty that I’ve lost momentum in countless matches due to this joke of a skill and I hope that it gets deleted.



And i hope not :smirk:

Dolphoone counters pola In every way possible :sweat_smile:

It’s true, sometimes it’s very annoying and makes you lose control, but it has helped me many times to win too, so I’m not complaining

what do you mean? He is great against stun lock ( i hate stun setups )


Yeah this is what makes me appreciate his passive

I normally just leave it on the field

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I do agree with this. But when you have a good control of the match and then this hits. Like you know its coming and you can’t do ■■■■ about it. Thats something I’d like to be changed.

If u play control,just not use him

Dolphoone’s death revenge doesn’t hit teamates @TheLokitator

Maybe make the passive land on the Mon that killed it and one random other one

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Dolphoone is meant to punish stuns hard, even freeing you from control strategies even after death. leave him alone and use a hit man on his team and he won’t be a problem. By the way I agree to nerf all the Dolphins. But leave the passive Dolphoone alone

Dane is spot on! Just leave the Dolphoone alive and kill the other dolphins. Its retribution is the lower damage version (100TU) so it struggles to kill a lot of things. If you’re running stun and will be countered by the countershock then do exactly what you plan to do… stun Dolphoone.

I agree the passive is strong, but the monster is not when it’s left alone.


Also, please don’t confuse dolphoone’s passive with Death Revenge.

It’s not and I can’t stress this enough

Payback killer seems to work against it

I got hit very hard by dolphoone passive when i have a full control over enemy team and still lose some games, still its super balanced no changes needed only thing dolphins need to lose is that bond thing , make then all unique like spectrophin and the holy one


so many problems with dolphins for the people and they complain about the revenge of dolphoone


Just buff the other 2 I would love to see people using all 6 dolphs in the midgame

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Here is a photo of you king 850705367264526366-1


Seriously?:clown_face:I never would have imagined it
If u play for example stun + Cresendos and u use Dolphone and they kill u the Dolphone and then u stun him for charge cresendo and they day for the pasive,u will lost control and u will probably lost the match,that’s is what I mean,if u play control,no use Dolphone

This is exactly what I mean u say perfect