Good Arks with Throw

I am having trouble with my Chopperbug being knockbacked to the end. It completely ruins my Don’s Showdown and the poor thing can’t do much at the end.

I would like to Throw the Chopperbug if it is knockbacked. I know the Magmawyrm and Typhoonwyrm can Throw, but I try to avoid dragon type because of Dracobane. Don knows Throw too but he has to be at the back. XD

Are there any Arks that are pretty decent in PVP without the need of using Throw (just in case my Chopperbug has not been knockbacked, and I don’t want to waste a slot just for Throw)?

Let’s see…monsters that sacrifice…

ummm…I’ll just list em all.

Megalorex (actually nvm, he sucks), Infernowyrm, Gigarock, Magmawyrm, Typhonwyrm, Spinoflame, Don Penguini, um…some OM do too…what were they…does Titanwyrm have sacrifice moves? I thought it did, but berserk sucks anyways. 

Whatever. I don’t care.

Once they come out, use Roidguard and Gigarock in your team and you’ll be fine.