Arkadions Images

Hello everyone!

A little while ago, someone asked if I could post pictures of all the arkadions’ images. Well, here they are!

Click here to download the ZIP file!

Full-sized, high quality arkadions pictures with no backgrounds. Very useful if you are planning to make banners or avatars.


- Please do not use these photos commercially.

- Please credit ZigZaGame Inc., for the photos if you use them anywhere that is not on this forum.

- PvP and egg-only arkadions are excluded on purpose. Please DO NOT ask for these, as an admin told me specifically not to include them.

- To unzip a ZIP file, right-click on the file and select “extract.” You must also extract the file even if it appears open and available for use.  

If anything else is missing, feel free to notify me and I will update the download link.

If you need more help with the ZIP file or run into download issues, just ask and I will try to help you.

Note for moderators and administrators: If you would prefer this to be taken down, I will. Thank you very much.

Also if you are posting the photos of the monsters anywhere that isn’t this forum please give credit to the development team at ZigZaGame Inc.,.  They worked very hard on developing this game and we would hate to see their work to unaccredited. 

I can’t believe I forgot to add that. Updating right now.

++Also, feel free to share funny labels. I laughed at “eggcreature,” that was just too cute.

VERY, VERY useful, Reset! I’m definately hanging on to these! I really wanted a Dreadwolf avatar and now I’m making one as we speak!

Saves me extracting the images myself lol thanks reset

The Dullakhan family is named “blackfox” lol

Thanks you guys im thinking about drawing a banner and an avatar now.

Not a problem guys!

Check out Firecat and Windbee.

What Photoshop do you guys use.

The Best kind :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have Photoshop, so I use Paint or Pixlr or PicMonkey.

Why all Ps? I don’t know.

Photoshop CC version. How it’s supposed to be different from CS 6 is beyond me lol

First of all lol Deadpool

Kookaburra I usually draw by hand but I’m thinking about doing digital now and I heard photoshop is a good software to use.

Also thanks Slycrg I know what to use now.

'bout that Dreadwolf avatar, I made it, and I thought you guys might enjoy!


There is nothing different between the two except CC is attached to the creative cloud when CS 6 is attached to the Master Collection.  With the CC you can’t really go offline…

Mm I can with mine lol the creative cloud seems rather trivial, I don’t need it even though Adobe ‘insists’ that I do :stuck_out_tongue:

However CC is only $20 a month for students. :slight_smile:

Very nice, Infer!

Mason, Photoshop isn’t free, but it has a free trial. Unless you get portables (er…) you’ll have to pay for it. I don’t recommend doing that unless you are very serious in using it.

There is a free version of Photoshop called “Photoshop Elements”.

Hm… I didn’t know that.

Still prefer Pixlr though.