New Monster:

Earth type dragon
6 star


Switch enemy (switches target with last monster in opposing team)

Knock back random

Unwanted gifts

Stun immunity

SS: swift KB next

The idea, if it isn’t obvious, is to just totally wreck the order of your opponents team

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:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: we already have Motor. Two of them is to much… It would end in Lava/zib + any Payback revenge Monster to easily bring both in, and the enemy is totally wrecked… Bad idea my Friend

Unless he has unmovable or gravity field then he can not exist in the game… entrance skills already meta right now, we don’t need more entrance skills that is abusable.

Good points. Unwanted enteance -> unmoveable

So negative around the forum lately, you ok man? Maybe a warning is needed

I am fine :wink: Maybe some cerebrum for u ?

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Non merci

I appreciate the well thought and explained feedback :+1:

It’s a nice idea. I’m just not a fan of disruption in general. If it became the meta (which is creeping in) players will turn to monsters who can just work completely on their own, for example Valza. It might take some creativity out of creating combos and result in more lone powerhouses just being thrown together. Just my thoughts though! I like your monster idea, I just don’t want disruption to become the meta which it would add to

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Switch enemy feels too powerful. Both removing a key enemy from the battlefield and bringing in something that probably doesn’t synergise is too much for one move. I reckon it could work as a SS only. Enemy team disruption is a good design for a monster but you’ve got to be very careful it isn’t a bit too strong.

Knockback, repulse. Switch enemy is just a variation of it really.

All the same.

Let’s just give it “shuffle” instead of enemy switch . Shuffle enemy’s reinforcement !! :wink:

Please rename this monster Deeznutzoraptor



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I actually have this idea written down on my phone so maybe I shouldn’t hate on the original post XD

“Knockback random next” is a move I wanted to put on a few monsters that revolve around a strategy where they hit the next monster in the reinforcements while it isn’t actually on the field. Sounds OP I know, but those moves would be limited use and higher TU.

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Haha ye devs , give us this .
Over confident strike next !


Haha the plan was more for situational killing moves on ones that require setup like [insert] killer next, [element] bane next, bloodthirst next, survivor next, etc. The concept was you’d cycle through the enemy line-up to find the particular targets you need. In PvE you’d ideally leave the enemy team as something you could control easily then kill off a few of the next monsters. In PvP the main use would most likely be to mess up the enemy team and you’d maybe take out a couple of monsters, but you’d have to strike a careful balance between spending time doing that and having a strong team for battling what’s in the field at the time (these monsters which can hit next in line are slow, both needing to knockback random next and the TU is higher for the “next” moves).

EDIT: Forgot to mention, in the original concept the knockback random next move is infinite use with the [insert move] next being limited use. Depends on the move but typically 3-time use.

I didn’t play hunter island, but I do recall someone mentioning that the monster Chopperbug used to have a move like that, and it singlehandedly ruined the meta by making team structure totally irrelevant. I think.

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Still want Disruptoraptor


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