so beautiful beautiful.


She is beautiful, but there is one mythic that surpasses her in terms of beauty.

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Do you know here skills set ?

Look another inaccessible monster to the majority of the playerbase, how nice.



If this is the monster I think it is, then I have an idea on what it’s moves are.

You’ll need to join line lounge to know the moveset

My team members sent me only Chinese version, the skills are very interesting.

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Post of the day !


Stunning enemies without being declared as stun… I don’t want to panic but jesus christ. Is that the future to make stun counters useless :joy::joy::joy:

Thank you for sharing @Laxus


People complained about stun counters for so long, so it would be inevitable that a counter would get released.

yes.I think so.

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I hate skill posion revenge , it make her killed by defang

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Ikr?! It’s like bovolcus all ocer again. Makes these pretty useless when a roaring entrance monster also has toxic killer.

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Seems very cool. I like the flavour too. The moveset seems reasonably strong and useful right now because lots of people are using protectors.

@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC
My big worry is that Daunt is abusable with give turn, especially when you utilising link dual give turn combos. Pushing the enemy team back by a long way allows you to set up whatever you like and practically guarantee a win. The only counter to Daunt is stealth, which is not enough.

I suggest making Daunt 3-time use, maximum. However, 1-time use is probably best (like stun flash and other skills of this type). Alternatively, make Daunt have the condition like TT that the monster cannot be the target of give turn skills.


Or give it time freeze (self?) that would also be something

Yeah I read your time freeze suggestion shortly after writing that post. Tbh it could be added to Daunt itself, that it makes the monster not possible to target with give turn effects just like TT. (Edited above post to include that)

Its a stun effect that cant be countered lol time to power creep stun and they seem they want to nerf protectors too hmm i wounder why.