Disconnect penalty system in pvp

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD @Killerdog guys I think it is important to add a penalty system in the pvp section. like if someone disconnect 2 times in a day then he won’t play pvp for 30 minutes and if he disconnect 5 times then he won’t be able play pvp for rest of that day.

My guy, there are people here who have Internet problems. What have they done wrong?


Uh what happens when they get two internet problems in a day? Disconnecting is bad sportsmanship but it really only wastes a minute of your time. BMing someone for a longer period of time is what should warrant a punishment

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That’s why I told at least 2 times

The internet in my country is very bad and under repair. so it can’t be penalized for disconnecting . Some days are so bad that I lose connection 3 times in 1 match


I would say no, for the same reason others are listing.

If someone disconnects and does not return then the other person gets the win. It wastes a bit of time but ultimately not much. It’s irritating but it seems really unfair to punish people with bad internet simply to catch those people wasting one minute of your time.

What does need dealing with is people who BM (wasting multiple minutes and abusing the PvP timer system).


Yeah 2 days ago a player named (IND army) bm me. it’s very annoying. He wasted at least 10 minutes of my time.

But it’s a different matter that he lost to me in the next battle :rofl::rofl:

Is that a joke or did you just not count?

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No I am not joking he really BM me.

Because there is 6 minutes between IND and Aran.
You say at least 10 minutes, but @Killerdog thinks it’s impossible.

Is that a joke or did you just not count?


thinks → knows :wink:


Is there any way to know who tried connecting back and who didn’t?
That way intentional disconnects could be punished.
There are worse guys who actually keep disconnecting and reconnecting.(that’s clearly not an internet issue.They do it when they have like one monster left and it gets a turn)

This is not the screenshot where I lost. This is the screenshot where I won with him. I don’t have that screenshot where I lost to him.

And u think people can only disconnect once?
U are underestimating bad internet my friend.

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Does that mean it’s not a screenshot of when he BM?

No This is not a screenshot of the day he BM me . It’s probably the day after where he lost to me. I shared this screenshot just to show his name and friends code.

I understand.

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i just wanted to share i’m not angry with him i don’t mind if he or anyone else to bm me.

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What is your ign so that I can BM you @Silentkiller69