We should find a way to sanction people who disconnect

There is so much people who just disconnect instead of cliking on run and it just is so annoying devs should find a way maybe remove more rp on disconnects but the problem is people with bad internet will be affected too.What are your thoughts?

30 minute PvP ban after 2 consecutive disconnects.

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Just fix the server issues that are causing ppl with good connection to DC, then take an additional ticket if you DC. It wouldn’t harm the people who get an accidental DC every once in a while (Mr. X has even said he doesn’t use every ticket in ranked) and it would mean that DCers can only have play 6games instead of 12 at a time :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure this was suggested by someone else before me, maybe lemon squeezy. I don’t mean to take anyone’s credit it’s just a good idea

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The problem is people with dumb internet that disconnects them they don’t deserve the same punishment

Yeah it was me and I agree dude. Make the punishment so that it harms D.C. abuse, but will be minimal to the genuine DCs.


There are times when I have a bad connection, it happened to me that I had to reconnect up to 4 times to a game. I apologized if they were people I know … I think everyone knows how to behave. I don’t see a slight punishment wrong, but I don’t know which one would be right. I think that a waste of “time tickets” would not hurt, if you waste time with other xD.

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If you reconnect, at least it shows the other player you’re genuine :blush: we know you don’t do it deliberately bro :blush:

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Thank you for your good words! You always behaving so well! :innocent:

I think everybody knows how much I hate intentional DC’s. I complain about it so much lol

Having said that I’m very hesitant to promote some kind of punishment for it because of the collateral damage. Man I’ve had times when my game DC’d on back to back battles. Now if that happens during ranked and I lose tickets for something I can’t control I will be furious.

Also sometimes DC’ing is the fastest way to end a battle and is the best thing to do.

  1. If you are sleep locked
  2. Stun locked and you aren’t going to get a turn anytime soon.
  3. Simply not going to get a turn anytime soon because of the control the other player has.

Sadly the devs don’t have a surrender button when it’s not our turn so we got no choice or way to end the battle. In such a situation DC’ing is the best course of action and I would encourage it, Because it saves both players time.

People need to learn how to to do it properly though. My method has the game end within 20 seconds. Faster then it takes some people to make a single move.

Anyway these are the unique scenarios where I think it’s not a bad thing. I only hate it when they DC on THEIR TURN.

If punishment is put in place I’m afraid a lot of innocent people will get hit hard.

For a start perhaps the devs can give us a surrender button when it’s not our turn…Then I’ll be more inclined to support this idea.

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What would be really nice is if the engine recognised that two or more are sleeping or if 3 out of 4 mons are stun locked past 250 secs. But I guess that would be a nightmare to code.

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Just let us surrender no matter whose turn it is then implement a small punishment like 30 minutes like suggested. Problem f***ing solved. :roll_eyes: @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Or have it count as 2 wins if your opponent disconnects or double the RP points, or double the RP lost for rage quit DQs. Something.

Fix the reconnection issue (upgrade your potato server)

I dont remember ever being able to reconnect to game once i lose connection and its frustrating sometimes.

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Thats stupid as you will intended to waste time in order to frustrate your opponent into quiting in order to gain double rp

I played a guy with Oniblade and BB front line, went OoO, I Purify All with Angelion, goes OoO AGAIN, Purify all again, and he rage quit. Really? Lll

I played vs a guy who lost the game and had 3 monsters left and decided to waste time by giving himself give turn at the end of the timer 5x times and then skip at the end of the timer in order to waste more time.

His name was mastermarcos something like that you gott get used to these people when they get there butts kicked they intended to cry. Like i always said cry is free

Lmao very true, very true.

Just give instant loss to one who disconnects .
When u PvP , it’s ur duty to make sure if ur connection is strong .
That’s how most, if not all , games work in PvP.

But then , devs will have to make their servers much better . So…hmmmm

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Happens to me too, I couldn’t do a single match because I couldn’t reconnect when my Internet kicked me out.

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I also have a problem, when I was eating snacks yesterday, I did not operate, only the 5s system automatically helped me to operate and automatically let me skip a lot of rounds