Just a rant

I hate it when people disconnect in pvp just coz they are losing and waste your time too.


I usually don’t blame them if it is in the middle of the game or if they got destroyed

It’s the disconnecting itself that’s annoying.
Why don’t they just admit defeat and stop messing about.
If I’m losing particularly badly (only if it’s down to my own errors at that)- I don’t disconnect but I sometimes give the opponent the game.
That way I don’t waste time for me or my opponent. Seems fair.

I think you have to look at the other person point of view. He or she spent hard work building a team and in their minds it feels like a great strategy just to get completely destroyed. That don’t feel good to most ppl some ppl take pride and passion in their work . Now you confused back to the drawing board

I’ve disconnected a few times myself. I don’t have no shame about it, it’s just that sht hurts lol

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Bonanoe v2 lmao

That still doesn’t mean you can disconnect its not good sportsmanship

by admitting you dc intentionally you are admitting you can’t take a defeat

You can just start a new match but we have to stay there for 30sec and it’s annoying I don’t blame those who dc during unranked but people who disconnect during ranked just hurts my soul


I understand what you’re saying, I used to think the same a while ago. But then I realized: wow, my team made a person so angry that they chose to inconvenience me by disconnecting. Holy crap!

See, the moment somebody purposefully disconnects, they’re stooping very low. Managing to get your opponent to do it is an achievement, and you should be proud of that!


Lol. I don’t even know HOW to disconnect during a match?!!
Seems like effort.

You can wait the 30 seconds :joy:

I know, right? They went out of their way to disconnect, this says a lot on how wonderful your team is!

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It ain’t nothing to close out an app. We do it everyday

Thanks for the enlightenment guys
I will never judge nagao and the hardwork he puts into making his TEAMS


But then you got to go through the hassle of opening it up again.
Seems inefficient - especially if you are prone to losing.

It’s a favorite pastime of mine to leave nagao’s aurodragon alive for the whole game and kill his team two times over.


You forgot the double quotation marks

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Thanks for pointing out!!