Them dissconnects

Ok so I have 40wins with 18 loses, 15 of my loses are to dissconnects and atleast 5 of them have been when i’m on my last hit to win. I’m not complaining just sayin.

Would like to know how many more people are affected by this.

are you on wifi? trying to look into this. 

I’ve tried wifi and 3g i dc on both, if it help’s i’m from Australia

thanks ryans, will look into this. i think we need larger penalties for loss via disconnect such as going down a league. im not sure. 

“5 of them have been when i’m on my last hit to win. I’m not complaining just sayin.”

This has happened to me at least 3 times, too. There’s no way it’s my connection; I’ve got the fastest possible internet connection in Scotland(that’s avaliable to the public)second only to our University AND I stay near an exchange. As the above poster mentioned it seems to happen when you’re very close to winning a match.

Is it possible to implement an option for people to select which type of connection they’re playing on? Or match ALL the people up that’s using wifi?? I’d rather not play with someone when I’m on wifi and they’re on 3G.

As for the people who blatantly disconnect, I’d suggest giving them a 10 minute penalty(or even more)where they can’t PVP full stop. Why should people suffer from idiots who pull the plug…?

NoI don’t think we should go down a league for a disconnect. It’s clearly not our fault. You should put a “reconnect to fight” option.

Can AI not kick in on a disconnect? That way you have until the end of the battle to reconnect.

This would be my ideal scenario but i’m not sure how easy it would be to implement.

That is a good idea.even though AI wouldn’t always pick the move’s you would but I do agree if it allows us to reconnect. Going down a league because of a dc is just silly. I’d be in beginner 24/7 and with the ark’s i use I should be in expert.

Also experience the same thing twice. I clearly should have defeated their last arkadion but I was shown as defeated… not disconnected…


Dnt understand how a disconnect gives u a lose , becase a disconnect gives both players the win

No it does not. the person who disconnects gets the lose.

Your very wrong ryan , i disconnected in one pvp match to prove that theory and i won .

I’ve disconnected before without getting a win.

I don’t disconnect often but when I do it’s always when I’m close to winning lol I have awful luck

I lose when I dc

Well, you see, if it’s possible to lose when you win then it’s possible to win when you lose or win when you disconnect and vice versa

I’ve played against my brother and safe to say he gets the win 100% of the time when I disconnect

You should put a claim victory button.

If a person disconnects, the undisconnected person presses claim victory.

Then a timer starts with around 45 seconds.

Once the timer reaches 0, the undisconnected person wins.

If the disconnected person reconnects within the time, then the battle continues like normal.

Great idea!