Devs got more than one kind of moth coming.



I find this


The dark one has shield entrance, mist, give turn and cannibalize.

Now that’s an interesting development; can’t wait to discover the remaining moths.

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Updated to include what an incomplete transformation does.

Here’s another one


Does lv 5 summon diamonds?

Looks like the water one might be the weakest. 200TU sleep all and if you use the sweeping move you’ve just undone the use of the dreamy entrance. If all of them lose their passives in the 5* version (like the earth moth) then it’ll be a low speed monster with 200TU sleep all, purify and double dreamhunt… not exactly a monster you want on the field.

The holy one looks awesome. Roaring entrance stealth your whole team and ally substitute itself into a diamonoid. Auto-protect plus with the rest of your team stealthed… that’s a very nice situation to be in. On second entrance it can instantly use a double sneak attack.

Lvl 5 is definitely a diamonoid

Yes, I updated my post above with the description.

This one is insane, roaring entrance with stealth and instant double sneak attack, then exit and do it again, then sacrifice it while breaking through hold ground and shield. Oh and it’s poison sleep and stun immune… Oh and it stealths your other sneak attack monsters? WTF! I’m playing with him on my draft team now and it’s so much fun!

Looks to be that way. If the TU for Sleep All was reduced a bit, I could see it as a solid improvement. On another note, my gut tells me that the last two moths will revolve around Stun and Poison.

I’m not sure what you mean with “then exit and do it again” but you’re playing with it in IC so I suppose it’s just your wording not being clear. Like the earth moth it has a high TU sweeping move which you can use immediately with its roaring entrance but you won’t get a turn for a while.

However, what I think makes the holy moth unique is the ability to pull itself back on the first turn at literally no cost to your team because it has roaring entrance each time. It’s basically a free stealth all + diamonoid then once a teammate dies it enters properly. Alternatively, a 50TU pull back on an ally to get a second entrance passive is extremely strong too.

It’s interesting to see these Pupupa don’t want to play together. These moths are territorial unlike the thlugs and flutters.

I can admire a new twist to the ‘elemental-pack’ trope like this.

(Shared by Zardare in another thread)

This one looks tied best with the holy moth in my opinion.

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I expected TSD instead of TSA, but I’m genuinely surprised they gave it Shocking Entrance instead of Stunning Entrance. I also called it from a mile away, so let’s see if I’m right with the Fire moth.

I managed to call the shocking entrance but I’m still surprised by it a little too. I was thinking how 80s wouldn’t be enough to set up timestrike double properly and all the others do set up a double kill very reliably for their first attack. Having both timestrike and TSA is awesome though. Lower TU moves should work a lot better. You can easily get a kill, stun pulse, another kill then SS to finish in a very controlled way. Having the TSA option too gives it even more versatility.

Also, visually speaking, pupupa all look exactly the same.

In pvp you will have 0 clue what each pupupa is actually going to hatch into.

Going to point out that snooze moth will have purify + sleep immune.

The thunder one will be awesome, with the ability to get rid of itself after it runs out of gas.

If they are all free rewards from events then this will be the best thing the Devs have introduced in a long time. Good to see devs show some love to the community :raised_hands:


Yeah design wise these moths are fantastic.

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