Delugazar AOE, should be 1 target attack..!

Aoe paired with excessive force, can wipe out all 4 in 2 attacks,
Delugazar is basically a cheat code, if you have it, you can clear so many events & PvP is no exception.
In past, Ultimate challenge became such a easy going event as new players had Delugazar & could reach 1000 level very easily.

Changing aoe which targets 4 to 1 target will really make it balanced, and not make it overpowering at times,

One would argue, if there is stealth, then aoe helps, but you have stealthbane & using Delugazar should have some repurcussions,

This change is surely needed to finally make Delugazar a more balanced legend.



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I disagree with the suggestion, but I can see why some people would agree to it.

Agree. Those awful tt teams with 2 gt as well are horrendous

The AoE attack does 1350 damage to all enemies. This is a 3-shot on all legendaries with over 50% speed and a 4-shot on all legendaries below 50% speed.

I get how Delugazar has so much to offer and can be considered OP but the hit all attack is not one of the reasons why. It’s more like a move you go to if you’re in desperate need for damaging all the enemies.

I don’t think I can agree to any of this because the statement about the AoE killing things in two attacks is so wrong. There is no doubt Delugazar is one of the best legendaries in the game but it doesn’t stand out as overpowered in PvP because it requires a combination of GT monsters to really shine and has no defensive passives at all (people have been saying for many months how they like its balance in PvP where it can be devastating but also easily killed or disabled). In PvE it can do some brilliant things as well as surprisingly be a sweeper in UC but there are many other monsters which are more overpowered for PvE.

Delugazar is a brilliant all-rounder that is among the best in all parts of the game but not THE BEST or overpowered in any part of it.

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2 shots all holy legendaries. And it doesn’t have type disadvantages making it more powerful by that

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It is a cheat code, and I appreciate your reply, but using a gt & TT combination with bb is very easy.
I have utilised it , hence I know how devastating it is.
It wipes out 6-8 monsters in a flash.
I think I may have overstepped in saying it kills in 2 aoe, but rather it brings monsters hp to brink of dying, so there is no major difference.

It is not balanced at all, it has stealthbane, which one shots anything, and aoe which targets 4, making it 1 target will vastly balance the game itself, it’s been way too long since anyone talked about Delugazar being overpowering at times.

Agree. Played kei and his retarded team that just spams AOE with delugazer

Oh and it ignores shield and hg. The aoe simply deals just too much damage for a normal aoe. Peng is another story as it doesn’t have double bloodthirst to go on after few kills, and has type disadvantage

I really don’t think changing the hit all move will do much, it’ll just be irritating for Delugazar users when they want to have a hit all move in the rare circumstances they’d want to use it (basically when they have a GT right there and don’t have double bloodthirst charged). Using the hit all alone is a massive waste, using it with GT monsters leaves you very open after using them and as for the FL combo using Midas’ link TT that is 51% speed which I see as the benchmark for how fast FLs should be in the top tier of PvP.

Go ahead and ask for this change but if you think Delugazar isn’t balanced properly then I promise you it’s not to do with his hit all move.

In my opinion, a more appropriate nerf to do for Delugazar would be to change double bloodthirst into double bloodlust. I.e. It deals less damage after just one kill, so he can’t one-shot holy monsters or otherwise use double blood---- for getting a second kill so easily. However, I don’t think he really needs changing because he’s not overpowered anywhere.

and then what? after each Double Bloodlust he will be at Full HOP. combine that with some GT and Auto Protect and… well you’re doomed. If you want to truly nerf him, decrease his speed and change Double Bloodthirst to Double Bloodcrave

Not agree. I think delugazar better like this

Haha I knew someone would say that! However, there’s no precedent for the healing from double bloodlust… it could be very small. As for double bloodcrave… the recoil is tiny so he could still sweep through many monsters with no issue and what’s more he could do it after just one kill. That’s a huge buff so the only nerf you’re saying there is lowering speed. A speed nerf would ruin the monster… monsters which require setup for their sweeping AND have low speed are very poor.

Anyway I’m not here to make enemies so I’ll shut up.

Just going to remind you that if we gave delugazar a single target attack then he will be able to 1-shot literally everything with it.

People will go from complaining about him to saying he’s broken and needs a nerf. Aka the whining will only be louder.

Damn Zardecil, you spoiled the joke of this thread! I was eagerly waiting for my Delugazar to get assisted ultrablight :frowning:

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Hey that’s a cool team:)

And who said it needs assisted ultrablight ?
That is one kill for sure,
Make it just ultrablight which targets 1 monster.

And changing speed or bloodthirst into crave is over the top changes which will ruin Delugazar.
Just change its aoe. That’s it.

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I don’t think it needs changing tbh. Yeah he’s strong but strong enough to change its aoe; no don’t think so tbh.
Because a user wants to aoe it doesn’t warrant a nerf.