Could we maybe balance Delugazar?

Seriously Delugazar is such a broken monster.
He totally ruin every thing about pwp. People just run him and some team turner and give turn, give him to turns and then he sweep your hole team because of dobbelt bloodthirst witch ofc go though HG.
This moster needs no strategi, he just a monster for people who can’t set up a team.

Delug is balanced. He has very low defense and no defensive passives. One assisted holy AoE kills him.


Delu is not a big threat anymore. Those teams based around him are high risk teams. I rather face Delu than numerous monsters that are out now. There are bigger threats out there. Way bigger.

What do you think @Makaveli ?

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Excellent first post sir

I thought I’m the self-appointed Delugazar representative around here… Damn, he stole my rank !

As someone who uses delugazar a lot, meh it’s not that scary…
Isn’t it @NMEGaryOak !

PS : NME or VNM ???

Wait until you run into regalion angelion. A team where you are literally not allowed to do anything.

Much more painful than delugazar. At least delugazar its over quick.


Let’s give delugazar hg

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@eNjiin are you a robot?

Serious question.

You don’t seem to understand timing or irony or humor in general. I’m suspicious.


Hes german but since this tends to equal the things you described I think you could also refer to him as a robot


Sorry to say but many who argue that he is not broken, is people who either have him or are top pvp players who have a collection of monster who can counter him.
For people who don’t have those specific monster, this monster is broken.
He is a no brain monster.
You don’t have to think about what you want to kill, cause your attack go through HG, shield.
So for low tier pvp player this monster is just ridiculous.
I have a feeling that this monster should never been introduced to this game.

Do you have anything with protector killer @JACKX

PM me your monsters and I’ll show you how to counter it

Post a pic of your monsters and we’ll tell you which one counters him

It’s not that I can’t counter him, but then I have to strategically design my team to take him down.
And then I feel like it’s ruin the fun of being creative with your team.
Normally you design a team to counter stun / auto protector and so on.
But here we are talking about many ways to design the team.
But against delug you need to be design your hole team to take him down.
This is just my opinion, but in the low tier bracket, your are almost stupid not to use him, he is the meta of pvp at the moment. Ofc i am talking about the low tier.

Lol you create team to counter most things, not just 2 specific ones


When something is the meta in any game you design your team to be able to handle it if you want to be competitive.

You can still be creative and counter meta teams, trust me on this one my boy @JACKX

Bb is good but not amazing easily countered yes I get some wins because of him but I also use him as bait a lot of the time. Gary you’re completely right. Counters for multiple strategies should be in each team. Of course you can lt counter them all but hopefully you can somehow deal with that.

But the guy jack might not have the best mons if he posts pics of his team I’m sure we could all help him out

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Game is balanced around the high tier, not the low tier.

You do not need to design your whole team to take him down.

A single robinator instantly wins against those all eggs in one basket teams like delugazar.

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I think I‘m the one to blame here, I am testing a really nasty Delug Combo in my alt and it’s really wrecking havoc in low and mid tier pvp with almost 90 % win rate. And no, you can’t counter it with robin or assassinate in general :smiley:

On the other hand I tried the same combo in my main account against the top bracket and there were more than enough counters to it, so yeah, delu is fine.

On a Sidenote: It was a blast to beat RNA Kei with this team and give him a taste of his own medicine :sweat_smile: