Delete game and get data back. HOW???

ok soooo my mom wants me to delete HI but I don’t want to. So if and when I delete it how can I get it back with out all my data being gone or at least be able to retrieve it or most of it? can u give me step by step if anyone knows thanks in advance! Ps. if you need to move this thread to off-topic that is ok by me.

Umm I can’t help u out, does it download to iCloud?
If not then maybe u use Game Center.
Maybe one of the smarter programmer people can tell u :smiley:


You can do it thought Itools, first find the posisiton you install your HI, then  copy the data from a document named “documents”. When you reinstall your game, duplicate the data, thats all~~

Itool?  what is it , itune?

Or it is an app?

no, it’s on PC. Different software from itune~~

do u have to buy it? or is it free?

of cuz, completely free, it’s on computer~~

or back it up on icloud into your computer

iCloud you simply cannot do it. iCloud is an automatic backup system, and will overwrite the old backup with the new one whenever your phone is plugged in, and you’ll lose the save game.

Whilst you can technically do this through iTunes, there are some major drawbacks.

When you connect your phone to your PC through iTunes you can create a manual backup to your PC (you’ll want to make sure you turn automatic backups off, as you need to make sure you DO NOT sync your phone again after backing it up and deleting the app).

You can then delete the app and restore your phone from this backup on your PC at a later date. The major drawbacks are that you’ll want to make sure you do not back up your phone to your PC whilst the app is not on your phone, and you’ll also lose any data you have on your phone between backing up the phone and restoring it (for example data from other games, new apps, text messages, call logs etc.). This is far from ideal.

You should check out iTools if the above isn’t a good enough solution. It won’t be for most people.

drop the app into a hidden folder

If you can get your device for 10 mins you can do that :

  1. download Ifunbox

  2. connect your device on your laptop

  3. go on Ifunbox “application” and find “hunterisland”

  4. there is folder named “save0” (it’s your first save) “save01” (seconde save…)

  5. take the save folder you want and put it on your laptop.

I do that to save my games (especially when there is IOS updates)

PS: I think you can’t play online (pvp-mission) if you play with another gamecenter account with the saved file, I mean, you have to play with the same Gamecenter account you have played before!

EDIT: If your game was deleted, re-install the game, open Ifunbox, open Hunterisland via Ifunbox and place the save file ! refresh few times.

Your app have to be closed on your device when Ifunbox is open!

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Okay to save your file you can do what ByeBye mentioned about Ifunbox. You can save the savefile. or the whole game to your computer.  (my advice save the whole game not just the savefile) 

Also i am fairly certain you can save the whole game including save data to you icloud however i have not done that method.

If you need help doing this send me a private message i can help you out more.

To save your data, use iFunbox. Save the whole documents folder. I reset my device to factory settings, and reinstalled HI and dropped the folder back into HI. It worked for me.

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