Recovering deleted file?

I wake up this morning and go to open my game, when I notice that the app had been deleted. Long story short: is there any way I can recover the files I had going?
I should add that the files themselves were not deleted, just the app. I re-installed the game into my phone and it immediately went into the new game dialogue.

Did you plug your device into your computer and do you have your iCloud settings turned on?

I haven’t plugged in, and I don’t have the iCloud set up. Guess it’s doomed huh?

Yeah, unfortunately :-/

I’d say redownload it and like every few cities plug in and keep your iCloud settings turned on

I’ll definitely do that from now on. Thanks for the advice

Its unfortunate that u lost everything… Its a sad thing because imagine if u spent money on the acc and its suddenly gone… They should do something about that.

Apps don’t just delete themselves.  Did somebody grief your device? 

I really recommend doing device backups regularly since all game data is saved locally. 

Maybe he ‘woke up’ but wasn’t consciousness when he checked his phone and accidently deleted his app?

I have this every day lol , my dad wakes me up and asks me how late i have to work and when we see each other in the evening i cant even remember that he woke me up

Lol, once I was semi concious and my parents asked about something, APPARENTLY I said okay and went back to sleep but when I woke up I didn’t even know I woke up…

^ see what I mean? Maybe u Deleted the file but didnt knew