counter to death revenge/ death roulette

I think that death revenge and death roulettte need a true counter and I suggest that the protect focus guy witch are useless become death revenge/roulette counter like leogeist counter stun. It would just nullify the damage. This would nerfed nebel and atra stupid combo by the way too. 

I’m sure it was possible before but it was remove for some reason. Please devs those two op things really need a nerf somewhere.

Ryno and puff are easy to deal with now just posion them and you avoid their death revenge of knockback and deal with them later. The death revenge skill is not in need of a counter as the monsters which have death revenge usually have pretty bad move set, excluding ultimatedragon. Also the monsters with death revenge have high cost which means they take up more cost in a team. Someone could run all the death revenge monsters in their team and be easily beaten because they would not be making room for strategy. Death revenge helps balance the assisted teams as well. If protect negated it then people would just run an assisted line with protect monsters, then they could destroy your whole team without losing a single monster.

As Scotty said, rhino and the sushi guy have been nerfed pretty hard and are fine now, while the other DR legendaries are all pretty wacky and DR alone doesn’t justify having them take 13 points off of your total cost… Only ultima is really worth it. And nebel/atra combo doesn’t really work in PvP… And in UC people would just KB protect focus and then proceed as normal

Mmm. . . Rhyno sushi. :stuck_out_tongue:

now that I think of it, “rhino and the sushi guy” sounds like a pretty cool name for an indie rock band… I would totally listen to them

You should be affraid other that 2, like ultimadragon which have high survivability.
If you not ready, doublesurvivor is ready to eat you

yeah sure cause you can avoid canibalizme + death revenge. nebel is annoying and ultima so hard to deal with. puff and rinho just spam death roulette it’s really fun to lose to that. And for balancing a game each powerful passive or attack need a counter or drawback there is none…

Death roulette can hit you too. That is the drawback.

was talking about death revenge. should have said it.

There are plenty of combos that are hard to avoid. They’re sacrificing one of their own monsters to randomly kill one of yours in the cannibalize death revenge case. They may get lucky or it may benefit you. They may hit a monster with DD and then it backfires on them because now you get to take out 3 of their monsters, while you still have all of yours. If a monster has death revenge stun it, sleep it, knock it back or bite the bullet and kill it. There are plenty of ways to deal with it.

I couldn’t agree more, death revenge mons for me aren’t much of a problem (apart from when there’s ALOT of them like the super challengewhich featured auro and oniblade (I think it was 2 challenges ago) that was a pain in the butt, otherwise they aren’t to hard to deal with, especially since AI controlled rhino and puff always kill themselves and can be countered now

Back in the day the protect focus monsters did actually nullify death revenge, which was interesting. It wasn’t on purpose at all by the devs and it was fixed later on. I don’t mind dealing with death revenge as it is just part of the game, but I find myself shying away from using it because it’s too much up to chance and luck