Rhynobrawl and Puffoxin in PVP

So after I lost for like the fifth time because my opponents decided to use death roulette as a main weapon and succeeded to hit 5 to 6 of my monsters without even hitting themselves once, I thought I’d make a topic about this. 

For me this game is all about strategy. Spamming death roulette with 50TU has in my opinion nothing to do with that. Sure you can tell me to get rid of them but then they also have death revenge, you use your turn to kill them and the other two monsters in their line-up are free to go. To be honest this game doesn’t give me much luck so the death revenge also nearly always hits the least convenient monster in my line-up but that’s another case hehe. 

Anyway. I’d say: exclude these two monsters of PVP or maybe give the death roulette a bigger TU? Maybe nerf these two in some other way? 

What do you guys think? If theres enough suggestions and likewise thinking maybe we could create a poll out of it?

I just kill them then deal with the consequences, teams full of death revenge are rather annoying though .

My problem with them is its called death revenge, if my monsters didn’t kill one, I don’t believe I should be hit with the revenge.

I honestly think they are actually pretty overpowered for their cost. Instead of a super epic you can have both of them, and even without spamming death roulette they have sendbaxk, which is surprisingly useful, and also poison gas, again really good. As utility monsters they offer a lot of value for very little cost, with not much downside due to the death revenge.
I mean I’m using them and honestly I’d like to see their costs increased a little, just because I feel like they’re too powerful for a 6/4 cost monster
Also if you find them in pvp I just kill them right off the bat. It’s not worth risking the deaths roulette imo

yep pretty much what buckingham said. just up their cost and it should be fine.

Death roulette is too overpowered. Please nerf it, at least don’t cancel the revenge if the monster is killed by death roulette.

I think death revenge is just cheap in general to be honest

You probably battled me. I’ve been spamming it to try and gather data.

I’ve noticed that if you kill more than one death revenger at the same time then you have a chance that more than one death revenge will target the same monster. So tbh it’s best to kill them straight away.

I encountered one player with ziberius in frontline with puffoxin and rhynobrawl. He instantly used one of them for cannibalize, and I got the death revenge before I could even do something. I think it’s just stupid that it still gets death revenge in that case. If rhynobrawl kills himself with reckless attack, the death revenge doesn’t work, so why should it work when the player kills the monster with his own team?

Doesn’t always work.

Puffoxin rhyno and a legendary have very different defenses making it very hard to do.

Some people have have 5+ , some can replicate, these teams are gaurenteed to kill half your team not even taking into account anyone the monsters themselves could possibly kill.

You can kill one on your own team and it effects your opponent.

There are too many monsters with it if it’s really meant to be this way.

You’re right. Anyway there are too many conditions to be met in order to kill multiple death revengers, like getting them all to red health without killing them, which takes too much time and turns.

Also death revenge + cannabalize doesn’t make sense because the effect isn’t the same as death revenge + sudden death (same team) which kills yet another monster on the same side.

Death roulette should activate the death revenge monsters, or by pass hold ground. If someone uses death roulette and hits my death revenge monster then death revenge is not activated, but if it hits a protector with hold ground then that passive is not bypassed.

Cannibalizing your own death revenge monster is just strategy. The skills description for death revenge is “when this monster is killed it deals massive damage to one enemy.”

There basically the 2 most annoying monsters in the game and so many people seem to not be able to play without them. 80% of teams you run into in ultimate challenge have them both. There Rediculous especially for their cost

I think that increasing their death roulette TU would be great so they can’t spam it, or even better: limit its use to just one (or two)!

I would rather they just get rid of poison gas

I would rather they get rid of them altogether lol

I’m thinking that a decent change would be that the cooldown on death roulette is increased every time you kill an enemy with it and decreased every time you kill an ally with it. That way it would be less spammy when successful but gives more opportunity to turn it around when it’s unsuccessful.

Or just decrease the odds when hitting an enemy and increase the odds when hitting an ally.

Rhyno and Puffoxin have their counters as well. Auto Protect/Poison/Knock back/Stun Entrance/Sleep. And the greatest counter to them is Death Roulette. It’s basically a gamble if they use it. They have about a 13% chance to hit any monster. Now compare that to sleep which has 60% chance.

Play around with them and you’ll see that they’re not as invincible as they seem. The most dangerous ability I think they have is Poison Gas since it can set up many different poisonous situations. Another thing I think some people overlook is their stats. They are not as fast as some monsters therefore they need a proper defense to keep them up. And if you are building around only two monsters that’s risky and inefficient, because once they’re gone you’re in trouble.

I think the devs created these monsters to allow all players to have a chance to compete. And at the same time these two monsters are some of the few non legend monsters that people have to stop and say: Not again., What the…, or why would someone use low star monsters? Their presence is legendary in itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Annoying yes, OP nah. But this is only my opinion. However, I did notice that during events Death Roulette hits more often then not…

Then by that definition you should get the same effect with death revenge + sudden death. Though it wouldn’t be “strategy” since it relies on luck.

Sudden death ignores all passive immediately killing the monster it hits so it will not trigger any of the passives including death revenge.

Cannibalize sacrifices your own monster to heal your team and does not ignore passives. Not sure if cannibalize ignores hold ground though.