Complete Monster Location List (Part 2)

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181 Bearfist

Fusion: Jabby + Grizzie.

182 Volvoxon

Fusion: Volvon x4.

183 Firequeen

Fusion: Firesoldier x4.

184 Flamorider

Fusion: Flamogaru + Flarerunner.

185 Orcow

Fusion: Orcan + Moogong.

186 Marspin

Fusion: Joustfish + Narpike.

187 Mechadino

Fusion: Chopperbug + Rexy.

188 Nitrobird

Fusion: Dynabird + Rockoid.

189 Inferneo

Fusion: Spooker + Promotheo.

190 Skywolf

Fusion: Remus + Gargol.

191 Gremknight

Fusion: Gremly + Knighthawk.

192 Raijin

Fusion: Raioh x4

193 Nilomoth

Fusion: Nilos + Musharoo.

194 Angelon

Fusion: Cherubion + Leviathan.

195 Shadowlance

Fusion: Skullwraith + Frostjack.

196 Luxknight

Fusion: Cherubion + Frostjack.

197 Plasmorex

Fusion: Plasmodious + Skullrex.

198 Barricadus

Fusion: Metallo + Blockadus.

199 Tremorback

Fusion: Brakitorus + Thunderback.

200 Dreadwolf

Fusion: Soltusk + Glazio.

201 Magmawyrm

Fusion: Pyrowyrm + Gaiawyrm.

202 Typhonwyrm

Fusion: Hydrowyrm + Ventowyrm.

203 Omegawyrm

Fusion: Typhonwyrm + Magmawyrm.

204 Halochron

Mission Monster.

205 Guardiron

Fusion from Halochrons.

206 Deletroid

Mission Monster.

207 Destructor

Fusion: Deletroid x5.

208 Arky

Quest from Agramis: collect 101 Arkadion families.

209 Arkwing

Evolves from Arky at level 35.

210 Darkling

Quest from Orlen: level 30 Arkadions to 99.

211 Necrodrake

Evolves from Darkling at level 35.

212 Volvon

Orlen: 2 south, 3 east, 1 north.

213 Krake

PvP: 2000 diamonds.

214 Krakar

Evolves from Krake at level 20.

215 Krakhan

Evolves from Krakar at level 28.

216 Saphireon

PvP: 118,750 diamonds.

217 Greenmane

PvP: 12,500 diamonds.

218 Greenking

Evolves from Greenmane at level 33.

219 Sluga

PvP: 160 diamonds.

220 Naga

Evolves from Sluga at level 16.

221 Strato

PvP: 300,000 diamonds.

222 Stratowyrm

Evolves from Strato at level 35.

223 Puffor

Windon: 1 south, 1 west, 3 north, 1 west, 1 north.

224 Puffoxin

Evolves from Puffor at level 35.

225 Twiggy

Windon: 1 east, 1 north, 2 east, 1 southeast, 1 east.

226 Twigster

Evolves from Twiggy at level 38.

227 Thickskull

Windon: 4 south, 1 southeast.

228 Sledgeskull

Evolves from Thickskull at level 22.

229 Scallotooth

Windon: 1 south, 1 west, 3 north, 1 west, 1 north.

230 Hammertooth

Evolves from Scallotooth at level 30.

231 Birdy

Elgard: 1 east.

232 Archeonis

Evolves from Birdy at level 30.

233 Tout

Windon: 1 east, 1 north, 2 east, 1 southeast, 1 east.

234 Toucan

Evolves from Tout at level 24.

235 Lavaraptor

Finam: 3 east.

236 Vulcaraptor

Evolves from Lavaraptor at level 34.

237 Nubis

Reward for completing the S class in the Arena.

238 Anubis

Evolves from Nubis at level 35.

239 Gryphon

Reward for completing the C class in the Arena.

240 Moji

Geat: 1 south, 1 east.

241 Megajaw

Mission Monster.

242 Megalorex

Evolves from Megajaw. Obtainable through gold eggs.

243 Samuraice

Mission Monster.

244 Snowja

Evolves from Samuraice. Obtainable through gold eggs.

245 Iceratops

Mission Monster.

246 Trizeratops

Evolves from Iceratops.

247 Subzeratops

Evolves from Trizeratops. Obtainable through gold eggs.

248 Charcal

Mission Monster.

249 Charcalynx

Evolves from Charcal. Obtainable through gold eggs.

250 Copperhorn

Mission Monster.

251 Bronzehorn

Evolves from Copperhorn.

252 Goldenhorn

Evolves from Bronzehorn. Obtainable through gold eggs.

253 Volcadog

Mission Monster.

254 Volcawolf

Evolves from Volcadog. Obtainable through gold eggs.

255 Spinoheat

Mission Monster.

256 Spinoburn

Evolves from Spinoheat.

257 Spinoflame

Evolves from Spinoburn. Obtainable through gold eggs.

258 Vegikit

PvP: 560,000 diamonds.

259 Vegilynx

Evolves from Vegikit.

260 Vegitiger

Evolves from Vegilynx.

261 Minespider

Mission Monster. Obtainable through gold eggs.

262 Shisapup

Mission Monster.

263 Shisaguard

Evolves from Shisapup. Obtainable through gold eggs.

264 Minispike

Mission Monster.

265 Stegospine

Evolves from Minispike.

266 Stegospike

Evolves from Stegospine. Obtainable through gold eggs.

267 Ninjagust

Mission Monster.

268 Ninjagale

Evolves from Ninjagust.

269 Bluecub

Past game launch event reward. [Currently Unobtainable]

270 Blackice

Evolves from Bluecub.

271 Coldheart

Evolves from Blackice. Obtainable through gold eggs.

272 Frillzy

Mission Monster.

273 Frillzeon

Evolves from Frillzy. Obtainable through gold eggs.

274 Cryptwing

Mission Monster.

275 Osiriswyrm

Fusion by Cryptwings.

276 Hadepup

Mission Monster.

277 Hadehound

Fusion by Hadepups.

278 Cryokid

Mission Monster.

279 Cryoberg

Fusion by Cryokids.

280 Chillmaiden

Mission Monster.

281 Chillqueen

Fusion: x4 Chillmaiden.

282 Shadowkit

Mission Monster.

283 Shadowstalker

Fusion: Shadowkit x5.

284 Haniwan

Mission Monster.

285 Haniwel

Fusion: x4 Haniwan.

286 Elmoling

Mission Monster.

287 Elmoburn

Fusion by Elmolings.

288 Pyrobull

Mission Monster.

289 Magmahorn

Fusion by Pyrobull.

290 Minoflare

Mission Monster.

291 Minoblast

Fusion: Minoflare x5.

292 Mossling

Mission Monster.

293 Mossgolem

Fusion: Mossling x4.

294 Mandrapod

Mission Monster.

295 Mandaroot

Fusion: Mandrapod x4.

296 Golrock

Mission Monster.

297 Gigarock

Fusion by Golrocks.

298 Plasmoid

Mission Monster.

299 Jumboid

Fusion by Plasmoids.

300 Horrorfish

Current Mission Reward.

301 Terrorfish

Fusion: Horrorfish x4.

302 Garudabird

Mission Monster.

303 Garudahawk

Fusion by Garudabirds.

304 Onilad

Mission Monster.

305 Oniscar

Fusion by Onilads.

306 Cyberdrake

Mission Monster.

307 Cyberwyrm

Fusion by Cyberdrakes.

308 Roosquire

Mission Monster.

309 Rooknight

Evolves from Roosquire. Obtainable through gold eggs.

310 Darkpaw

Mission Monster.

311 Bloodclaw

Evolves from Darkpaw. Obtainable through gold eggs.

312 Flaredrake

Mission Monster.

313 Infernowyrm

Fusion by Flaredrakes. Obtainable through gold eggs.

314 Starleo

Mission Monster.

315 Astroleon

Evolves from Starleo. Obtainable through gold eggs.

316 Wizpur

Mission Monster.

317 Meowzard

Evolves from Wizpur. Obtainable through gold eggs.

318 Felichanter

Mission Monster.

319 Felimancer

Evolves from Felichanter. Obtainable through gold eggs.

320 Penguini

Tap on the Orlen Tombstone and type: “Dragon Island”.

321 Don Penguini

Evolves from Penguini.

322 Pegahoof

Mission Monster.

323 Pegasion

Evolves from Pegahoof. Obtainable through gold eggs.

324 Frigatefish

Mission Monster.

325 Cruiserfish

Fusion by Frigatefishes.

326 Windra

Mission Monster.

327 Triphoon

Fusion: Windra x3.

328 Orbling

PvP: 960,000 diamonds (to acquire all Orblings needed).

329 Kamiwyrm

Fusion: Orbling x7.

330 Golgem

Mission Monster.

331 Golgemios

Fusion by Golgems.

332 Lavafang

Mission Monster.

333 Hydrablazer

Fusion by Lavafangs.

334 Goldio

Mission Monster.

335 Goldius

Fusion by Goldios.

336 Moltegant

Mission Monster.

337 Lavagant

Fusion by Moltegants.

338 Octor

Mission Monster.

339 Octoneer

Fusion by Octors.

340 Coredrake

Mission Monster.

341 Titanwyrm

Fusion by Coredrakes.

342 Metalheart

Mission Monster.

343 Ironheart

Fusion by Metalhearts.

344 Scorpiode

Mission Monster.

345 Scorpionix

Fusion by Scorpiodes.

346 Gearhound

Mission Monster.

347 Gearwolf

Fusion by Gearhounds.

348 Cryoling

Mission Monster.

349 Cryowyrm

Fusion by Cryolings.

350 Droneguard

Mission Monster.

351 Roidguard

Fusion by Droneguards.

352 Whirlcore

Next Mission!

353 Vortexor

Fusion by Whirlcores.

354 Zephys

First One.

355 Arborus

First One.

356 Dahag

First One.

357 Vulcarex

First One.

358 Esapid

First One.

359 Deucalion

First One.

360 Tiamat

First One.


Thank you so much ash, this is amazing! =)
And btw what is a halochron? Just curious, and if you’re not allowed to tell then sorry for asking :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s the monster that will be fused into the 12 star Guardiron :slight_smile:

Its like a little ene eyed guardiron

Updated to show information about whether they’re only obtainable through gold eggs or if they’re unobtainable.

Please correct me if I made any mistakes or missed any. 

Okay, cool. I’m gonna have to get 5 of them because guardiron is super awesome! he is a great tank.

Ikr but i want guardiron just from om and if im lucky ill get a second one through eggs

For the fusion monsters, could you list when (or if ) you obtain the recipe while playing the game? I’ve received most of them but I was wondering which ones I might need to buy with gold. Thanks

You don’t need to buy any with gold.
Updated the list with the current mission information.

Are all these up to date? I see a lot of people with monsters that are supposed to be unattainable. 

This should be up to date, unless I made an error. Which monster do you see that I have listed as unobtainable?

It could be that they were obtainable at one time in the past, but aren’t any longer.

I believe they were Pegahoof, Starleo, Roosquire, Copperhorn, and Darkpaw.

None of those should be used in PvP. Were those summoned by something else?

Nope, people had them in their line-up,

Does anyone else want to confirm seeing those monsters in PvP? Apparently we’re talking multiple people, and I haven’t ever seen any in PvP.

Given that they’re the weaker first forms, I don’t see why they would be used. Their evolved forms, of course, are used often.

They might have mistakenly remember. I’ve seen those arks, excepts pegahoof on OM though.

Where can I find copper horn

It’s egg only

Edited the list with current mission information. Sorry about the late edit!

I found an astroleon on th north of the crescent island but it wouldn let me capture it…it says that I is only obtainable through a mission egg so why did it show up and why wouldn it le me catch it…I feel robbed