Looking for some Monster

Need them to complete my Pedia:

No. 59, No. 92/93, No. 116/117/118, No. 138, No. 143/144, No. 153, No. 208, No. 225 and No. 231!!!

Please help me haha

Thanks :slight_smile:

59 pengboy, cave north of windon

138 sizzler just outside of azid ziggurat south of lassandal

153 is nilox the final form of nilo, nilo can be found on that ruin just south of vasek

208 is arky, which you get as a reward for getting 101 arkadions or 21 dragon Arcadians, I forget, go to agramis and tap the ! Mark on the castle to see if you meet the prerequisites for the reward

Sorry I can’t list them all, some I’ve forgot the locations, others I haven’t got

perfekt thank you :slight_smile:

92: Squallfox - Around Maldan

93: Thunderfox - Cresent Island & Winterlands

116: Miniceros   - Giant forest

117: Geoceros - Evolves from Miniceros

118:  Gigaceros - Evolves from Geoceros

225: Twiggy - East of Windon in the forest

231: Birdy - East of Eldgard