Christmas event? ;)

Since there was a sale for ThanksGiving ( yet i don’t celebrate it being Australian and all)

But an online like mission as such , with a bit of a challenge, but everyone gets rewarded as it being the seasonal holiday of giving!

Just an Idea, may not be the right place so feel free to move to the correct place.

Don’t know how you could make this happen since it being so close to Christmas already! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an idea!!

Everyone give me some feedback, I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:

I am vouching for this idea but I dont want another Christmas Sale I want an real event with a new Christmas Arkadion or something else big. 

The game would totally dissapoint me if they did another sale because I cant really do anything right now and after the ‘soon’ to come update I will be done again or the new update has to be huge and involving the christmas event

i’m guessin the dog like one with the candy canes on its chest will be for christmas, not sure on the name but it’s 262 & 263

U have any pictures of Those? Or can get?

theres someone using it as their avatar, and ive matched its outline up in the pedia so sure its the same thing. that’s all i know sorry

i found the pic


Well I’d hope no sale, because its the season of giving haha would contradict , i just would like a crazy christmas dungeon.

That candy came dog is Shishaguard, and it makes the most sense.

Dark void, xenowind, whirlwind, mystic bane. Decent stats too.

Good monster.

Aah I see! That one I have seen but im not good with names haha

Yeah i know him , he is a pain to defeat!

we did think of a christmas reindeer monster, but we can’t get it in time…sorry about this guys. we will think of something. as I’ve mentioned before, apple closes for the christmas holiday, so we cant throw in an update in time.  we need to plan these holidays better and think ahead…if we want seasonal monsters. 

Well that’s a shame.  Maybe next time!!!

Is there an I dont like this button?

i was just looking for one too, but couldnt find one.  :wink:

Try an update maybe around New Years? Or an event were you only have till 12 midnight to get it done :3 

An event that starts at 12 A.M. on January 1st isn’t a bad idea at all.

Or when you can do an event that lasts for twelve days ?

Like the twelve days off Christmas ,

Er… guilty of liking it for a second because I misread.

But hey, at least y’all tried, yeah? Thanks for considering it!

They tried I know that but im still mad at Apple, i work with Christmas and They are Talking a break

Instead of a reindeer, can we have a Krampus?