No Christmas Gift?!?

I was really expecting something for Christmas like a new arkadians or some free coins as it is the season for giving but I got nothing. I would at least want something like thanksgiving where there were discounted coins. Were we supposed to recive something this Christmas?

I know from an admin that it is hard to bring out app updates on christmas since iTunes was closed on christmas. That’s all I can tell you for why there isn’t one.

It Will come early january because Apple took a Christmas break

Plus not everyone celebrates christmas you know. Anyway. They don’t have to give a gift out for christmas.

I was really expecting something for Christmas like a new arkadians or some free coins as it is the season for giving but I got nothing. I would at least want something like thanksgiving where there were discounted coins. Were we supposed to recive something this Christmas?

This is going to sound a little rude Joe, but, your first post on the forums is to complain about not being given something free? Seems a bit greedy, no? Hunter Island give’s you a free ark in the first twon if you know where to look, they regularly offer discounted eggs (holiday or not), and listen pretty closely to their players. What more do you want from a developer?

Maybe be thankful that they are active with community and do offer discounts pretty regularly, remember the Xmas spirit isn’t about “me me me me” it’s about “family-ee-ee-ee” < see what i did there =D

I’m sure we’ll see some event or discount or something before too long, be thankful for what we have and do receive. You live a happier life that way, instead of expecting something for nothing.

My point would be that gold is far too expensive. I love both DIB and HI but would not buy gold because it effectively costs $2 an egg…you could get something rubbish too. If there have been a million downloads then the devs will not be struggling if you add on gold bought too, a free egg wouldn’t have hurt them in the slightest!

…you do understand that all those downloads barely pay one of the Devs salary, let alone all of them?

The only way they make a profit is from the gold and it’s already been admitted that the golds eggs aren’t perfect and they hear what you’re saying about the eggs.

Complaining about it leads to nowhere and just keeps us going in circles.

Also Apple takes a good 25% from the money made. 

Anyways the developers are planning something that will be out in the update. They can’t magically make the game update when they want they need Apple to do their part to confirm the update and add it to the itunes store. Until then you just have to wait.

I’ve heard they might do something for New Years, but no promises, plus releasing a new update for a holiday would be difficult right now since they’re just about ready to release a different update.

if it helps, hypothetically if the developers get paid minimum wage, and no money is taken from the purchases of eggs - i have paid for about 27 hours of work roughly. and i have one exclusive egg  guy >.> still no complaints here hahah . so lets not complain about not getting free stuff. 

Joe is perfectly in place, and where did you get the “listen pretty closely to their players” from? Lol, i cant remember the last update or change that benefited the players… Discounted Gold eggs dont help players, and everyone that bought this game paid 99 cents, same price as many other apps that get updated continuously… I like the game, but its far from perfect 

It is far from perfect but they are listening

Why do you think they made the online mission content thread in the Suggestions section? Because they want YOUR ideas.

The only reason why some of the problems can’t be fixed right now is because Apple is out and on vacation, which leaves the Devs hands tied.

You also have to factor in that this is their first time doing online multiplayer things.

Cut them some slack

I understand, its just that why are some guys attacking poor old Joe for asking for something on christmas like he is out of line… 

this game is underpriced @ 99 cents, don’t need free bonus things, but eagerly anticipating the update.

Becuase they do, maybe trying reading the updates that are going to be implemented that, guess what, we THE PLAYERS asked for… Large game updates can’t be implemented on the fly, those updates you are speaking of that other games get are very simular to the OM weekly mission we get. And guess what?.. it falls under your updated continuously cluase you complain about not getting. 

Major update due to player damand =  listening to the players

REceiving weekly updates = updated continuously…

Soo why say that joe is perfectly in place? Is it becuase you want something for nothing as well? It’s christmas spend time with your family and stop expecting more than you should.

I never said game was perfect… (could not get my initial response out quick enough so part two below)

I just don’t particularly like people being overly greedy and having a sense of entitlement like they are owed something when they aren’t. And i can’t rightly say that i was attacking, but more or less stating “be thankful for what we do get, as there are other games that don’t offer anything and other people whome are less fortunate in general.”

How is he or anybody else for the matter being “overly greedy” by expecting something for christmas? IF i was a game developer, i wouldn’t hesitate to give everyone a free Ark or maybe a free gold egg for the holidays

Can’t argue there. I really can’t. But I can say that admin has stated the update is coming as well, while i do know it is hard to “wait and see” if we didn’t have faith a change was coming, we more than likely wouldn’t continue to be as active as we are.

I think two 11* monsters in a row is a great present.

I think listening to what we have to say is a great present.

I think constantly working to improve the game and develop new ones is a great present.

I think working towards an update is a great present.

…yeah, no gifts whatsoever.

I edited it, i actually checked their facebook page and there IS an update coming lol, my bad  :rolleyes:

PVP me Tiberius lol

I personally was responding to what Brook had said, rather than what Joe had said